Sunday, July 16, 2006

'UMRAH on the 24th, insha' Allah :)

Ana ray'ha 'umrah, insha' Allah :)

I'm going for 'umrah, God Willing :)

I pray that this 'umrah performance would be more than well, and next will be hajj...

Say Amen.

PS. i'm thrilled :) Hope it's brightness will affect what's left of my life and it's light will carry on shining all the way with me... Hope it beats my previous 'umrah ;P Amen.

Finding Nirvana...

"People should live with one foot on the ground, and the other soaring high in heaven. To put both in the same place is disastrous. Two feet in heaven will make you fall on your head, and two feet on the ground will empty your brain of blood. Without dreams, you will not be able to shape your world the slightest bit, and you will be shaped by your world. Without being able to dream and making life closer to your dreams, there is no use living. Finally, what would make the world better? Common sense and truth before personal interest, and no double-standards..."
== Bassem Sabry (Raven) ==
"In search for a meaning for life, and how to live it. In search for the truth, and how to find it. In the search for Nirvana, and how to attain it."
== Bassem Sabry (Raven) ==