Friday, September 30, 2011

(: here's to growing together :)

Remember when you saw this piece,
And said it’s written for us,
“It’s pointing at our little present,
That’s made just for us”..
Today as we grow together,
And you turn to this number you fear,
And tell me you’ve done nothing,
And refuse from me to hear..
Well here I am going to say,
The things you won’t approve of today,
So please try to believe me,
And not just read in dismay..
Knighty, oh my knightiest knight,
This day I say what’s right,
You’re The One whom have lightened my life,
And filled it with love, grace and lovely things in sight,
You were the one they all turned to,
After being the one with the very tightened shoe,
You were always chasing peace,
And tried all roads to say the least,
You’re life is like the spaghetti you love,
Quick, slippery, & saucy full of stuff,
Tangled, knotted, twisted & limitless,
Packed in a suitcase and shown in your fists,
Your presence is light just like your soul,
And adds comfort with one sentence roll,
You worry and care and try to always be fair,
And what you got you always share,
Trust me I’m not here to complement,
Or make you happy with words, its feelings that are meant,
To let you know that you’ve done much,
To my world, and others that are a bunch,
God only Knows the warmth you bring along,
And how much of His few good men you dream to become,
Today you’re a day older, with others who carry your name,
Others who always want to with you play this life game,
And be your comfort, your home, your delight, and honor for you,
Be your joy, this little something special, made just for you..

Thursday, September 29, 2011

"On The Run"


Hello bloggy, hello world,

Our worlds seem to be very similar, they’re always On The Run.. We’re always out of time, always planning to put things first and postpone others.. I just wanted to take a stop and ponder upon the fact that being on the run is never an excuse to postpone things that matter first..

We just lost a young life recently and none of us seemed to be ready to face such a thing.. It’s hard to see death so close and not freak out.. Don’t know why, but my fear of losing my loved ones grows every day of my life and beats all of my other fears.. Death is so close, but we tend to not want to see it coming our direction.. We subconsciencly push our fears away and are never ready to face ‘em..

I ask God to grant me and my loved ones and all of humanity compassion and strength to face what we don’t want to face.. There’s a very lovely prayer dear Mama asks for every now and then:
“Allahuma ij’alna ‘abeed ihsan, wala taj’alna ‘abeed ibtelaa’..”
“Oh God let us be slaves of your bliss, and not slaves who udergo your tests..”

May God rest A.M.’s soul in peace, and grant his family the patience until they meet with him in a far better place and us all, amen..

P.S. “On The Run” is the name of all the mini cafes that you’d find at most of the gas stations here in Egypt (how I miss my Oasis, sighs..)..