Wednesday, March 26, 2008

*10 random things*

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Well, I've been tagged by MISS GJOE :D Thanks gjoe, this tag reminded me of an old tag :)

The rules are:

"Post 10 random things about yourself
Choose 5 people to tag and a reason you chose each person
Leave them each a comment directing them to your blog so they know they are it
You can’t tag the person who tagged you
As a courtesy to the person who tagged you, please let them know when you have posted"

1. I talk to strangers.. Like for instance while crossing the road, I could start a talk.. Or in the elevator.. You know.. Like crazy people do :D

2. I could get along with almost any kid :D I spent a whole evening at a wedding sitting next to a kid (I don't know), talking to her for the entire evening :)

3. I get attached waaaaaaaay too fast! I could get totally attached to you within a sec.. Okay, without exaggerating, within 10 seconds..

4. I have a mood swinging issue! I could even forget what has ruined my mood, but yet stay in this bad mood.. And oh, my bad mood means, I DON'T TALK!

5. I have a very sensitive sense of smell!

6. I can't tell the difference between a 100 & a 1000 dirhams! I've never learnt the definition of money!

7. I hate lying!

8. I can drink butter milk (laban) at any given time ;)

9. I've recently got to know someone who gets emotionally & physically abused & can't do nothing about it :(

10. When I was 14 (or maybe 15, 16, can't remember really), a family friend allowed me to drive her manual car (in cairo) & OMG! The car stopped almost every two minutes :D I never forgot the sparkle of trust I found in her eyes.. I didn't know anything about her the gears or anything (I've only tried with daddy in his Jeep) & yet she kept on insisting on teaching me.. We weren't even close (me & her)! Thanks Mona :) You've given me faith in me with that look in that crazy egyptian night :) I'll never forget that :D

And now I'm tagging (I'm tagging 'em 'cuz I wanna know more about them):

Ara: The sister I've never met.. The one who taught me the true meaning of compassion..

Batoul A.: I wanna know more about her, the girl who loves her brother so much :) (may he get married & be happy & fly high in the sky of love)

Lulu: Ukhty lulu.. Habebty lulu.. Sis lulu.. Dihket erroman ;P

Maryam: The sister I'm planning on meeting soon inshaAllah :) (May Allah grant you & Z the child who'll be qurrat 'ayn for you.. Amen :) )

Princess N: Wanna learn more about her sane world ;)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

~ within the antiquated ~

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Isn't it such a beautiful scene to one's eyes & soul, when seeing men gathering around together, making a united effort in beautifying our world? This was the feeling I had when I was watching those Armenian men, months ago, dancing together to some strong loud beats while hitting the ground so hard making their tapping go beautifully with the rhyming beats.. Again this feeling came to life when I saw Palestinian men doing almost the same moves to some similar beats..

I always think about the roots of things.. Like how did they start, how did they begin.. I often look up their source, or simply make up my own story ;) Like for instance these dances: I don't know from where exactly I got this feeling, but I, for some reason, got this notion that loooooong ago, men used to do this stomping while performing some agricultural activities!

'Hoyamal' is this old chant that fishermen used to sing here while fishing.. I thought it originated from the word 'amal', which stands for 'hope'.. But I found out somewhere that it means 'God's blessing' :)

It's interesting to realize that everything good & bad has a starting point.. I hope we could be the starting points to any good thing, no matter how small it may be..


P.S. It'd be amazing if anyone could help my sister in finding out where 'Egypt' came from.. I know that 'Misr' is the old name of Egypt, so where did the name 'Egypt' come from?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

~ The Promise ~

While I was sitting this morning reading in my warm corner in our pretty very inspirational balcony, pudding came & sat next to me.. The sun rays were all over him & I
got lost in his young angelic face.. 'He's growing!' I sighed.. I don't want him growing! I want him to stay where he is! The birds were singing & I was honestly jealous.. They don't get to be questioned & we do.. Pudding won't always be "my li'l puddingy", will he? He'll soon be accountable for all it is that he's doing.. Oh, my li'l pudding is growing.. *sigh*
We can do it, I know we can.. We sin & repent.. And sin again.. And repent again.. The thought that keeps me hanging in here is that: as long as we're breathing, we get another chance.. That's true brothers & sisters (I always wonder why I'm used to saying brothers before sisters, ain't it funny?).. We get another chance :D
I also see that women (talkative gender) do get more chances of their sins being wiped off than men do.. We go through monthly pains.. Carry children.. And so much more.. While men have to carry themselves along with others & strive hard, so hard.. May Allah make it easy on all of those trying hard.. And may He The Strongest grant 'em the strength to hang in there, until their time comes.. Amen :)
I'd love to share here with you today a sweet sweet incident that took place last night :) Well, while swimming in the pool last night, this li'l almost 5 year old kiddo came in & made all these funny things in the water & drew everyone's attention.. I couldn't stop watching him.. He came up to me & kept on making hard efforts in showing off his swimming skills ;) And when the time came for everyone to leave, I noticed him with his mom on the side of the pool getting ready to leave & go bathe.. Everyone left except us.. I was close enough to hear the following:
Cute Kiddo: "Mommy!"
Cute Kiddo's Mom: "Yes baby?"
CK: "I wanna tell you something, but promise you won't get mad first?"
CKM surprisingly: "Umm, what is it?"
CK: "No you gotta promise first!"
CKM worryingly: "I promise! What is it?"
CK: "Say wAllahi?"
CKM: "Wallahi!"
CK pleadingly: "WAllahi you won't get mad?"
CKM nervously: "WAllahi I won't get mad! Say it baby.."
CK: "It's just that, the little hairs laying on the back of your neck from this swim cap & the goggles you're wearing make you look like a.. ahhh.. look like.."
CKM: "What baby?"
CK in a low voice: "You look like a mouse!"
CKM teasingly: "I look like a mouse? Is that how I look like?"
CK regretfully: "But maaaaaaa, you said you won't get mad?!"
CKM: "I look like a mouse?"
CK: "It's just that.. Mommyyyyyy, come on?!"
CKM: "I'm not mad, I'm not mad.. But MOUSE? :P"
CK relieved & happy: "hehehehehehehehe :D"

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In Lieu Of......

I knew they were not “normal”.. There was something special about them.. Something “uncommon”.. It wasn’t for their very short height; it was something else.. Something that most of us wouldn’t even think about :(
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While my sis & I were waiting for our sukkar friend, $@lly, to come downstairs, we noticed this strange thing.. There were these two young ladies standing down the side of the road, feeding a number of cats & pigeons! Now around sally’s place, I’d always see a lotta pigeons flying around.. Every time I go there, I see them & enjoy the scene :) But never did I notice anyone even looking at them :(

One of the ladies was feeding some cats (they were hiding behind these bars) & the other was moving around throwing the pigeons seeds bit by bit.. And shortly afterwards, sally came..

Me: “Sally, why are these women wearing the same clothes?”
Sals: “They’re twins..”
Me: “Do you know them personally?”
Sals: “Nope.. I always see them around my house.. What’s going on?”
Me: “It’s just that I found the cats showing up from between the bars only for them! Even the pigeons seem like they know them!”
Sals: “Oh, they’re incredible! They always feed the cats & hang around with them.. I even saw one of the sisters carrying a dead cat WITH HER BARE HANDS off the middle of the road! The poor cat was hit by a car.. They really take good care of these cats..”
Me: “Wow, mashaAllah, they’re not normal sals! Tenderhearted is the word!”
Sals: “Well, as a matter of fact, they are “abnormal”.. They have some kind of a disability that I’m not so familiar with..”

What happened to the “normal” people? Where has the compassion gone? Why is it abnormal to see some kindness anywhere in our time? It’s got to be a weird thing seeing a man feeding a dog, or a woman simply contemplating & enjoying a good weather! It’ll be extremely bizarre if you find a man helping another man carrying his groceries..

Yesterday, an embassy nearby was on fire.. As I was running downstairs to move the car from where I’ve parked it (as I parked it next to the embassy; & the firefighters needed that space to get their truck) I noticed that people were acting normal! Some were even laughing while watching the pitch black smoke! Some were pointing at the fire & giggling! Others were just glancing out of curiosity & asking some silly questions; to know the stupid details that they always love to hear to be constantly “FILLED IN WITH EVERYTHING”..

We’re awfully cold,
While no one is told..

We’re getting old,
& we'll be easily sold..

It’ll then be hard to mold,
All of these rotten folds..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If I only could..

I’d color them houses,
& break all their fences..

I’d shake them hard,
& grant them a start..

I’d plant all the seeds,
& grow the dead fields..

I’d hug 'em all,
& allow no fall..

I’d teach 'em to fly,
& to bear no lies..



Oh, I so would,
If I only could..


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Fatal Fog :(

"ABU DHABI - In the worst-ever multiple collisions in the history of the country, apparently caused by heavy fog and negligent driving, more than 150 vehicles, including 12 buses, rammed into each other on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway yesterday morning, resulting in four deaths and injuries to 317 people."
When I read more about this sad day in some other VERY famous paper here in the U.A.E., I got sadder.. After all of this happening, guess what I read?! They said describing what happened: "& they were from different nationalities...."
May Allah make it easy on everybody.. Amen.

P.S. Thanks a lot dearest :')

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It was at night time when the traffic light went red & all the honking started.. I turned my head to find this huge number of cars, on the other side of the road, honking their horns around this cutely decorated car carrying a groom & his bride.. I was so happy seeing that & hearing this beeping going on :) I was the only one who started honking on my side of the road (I hardly honk & hate that noise! It's funny how can one thing express anger & at other times express joy!) The drivers from the other side started looking at me & smiling even more; happy with my reaction :) The only thought I had was: "MashaAllah, another house is starting in the light & two souls are uniting while declaring it to the whole world :)".. Isn't it such a beautiful fact that one of the conditions of a marriage contract, is to announce it publicly? The lights went green & I left them with a sincere prayer in my heart for them :)
I found this amazing book in the bookstore last weekend.. I bought it along with other books, but I started reading it first.. "From my sisters' lips".. Just by reading the dedication, I was so overwhelmed: "For my husband, the wind beneath my wings"! How lovely is that! I so wanna see Na'ima (the author)! I saw her heart & got so connected! I'll leave you with one of the things that I've got to know, for first time ever, from her book: The shahada (the statement of faith) has conditions attached to it:
1. Knowledge
2. Sincerity
3. Truthfulness
4. Certainty
5. Love
6. Submission
7. Acceptance

Sunday, March 09, 2008

~ God Is Beautiful ~

(illustration's source)

A muslim sister living in a muslim country: "Sweetie, just a second! I wanna give you a piece of advise hoping you'd accept it from me as your sister.. I love you & respect you & just.. Well, I see you walk in here every morning with this sweet smile of yours & young face & all I can feel is pity! I'm not trying to get personal here or mean to invade your privacy or anything, but the way you walk, oh dear.. I just feel sorry for you.. Honey, you need to wear some colors, put on a little bit of make up, you know, "beautify yourself a li'l".. This seriousness that you walk with & loose gown ain't gonna get you any marriage proposals.. I care for you.. I really do.. You seem young & pretty & God Has granted you this beauty for you to feel & share.. Not to suppress it.. "God Is beautiful & Loves beauty", right? Show it to yourself, I'm not saying for men or anything.. For you.."

A non-muslim sister living in a muslim country: "I agree with her dearie, you look like a nun & this won't get you anywhere.. I think you should, you know, "open up a bit".. I don't mean for men, just for yourself.. The way I do my hair every morning is for my own sake, not for men to enjoy.. You should celebrate your beauty, not kill it! I feel for you, you're young & you can't be doing this at this early age! Is your dad doing this to you?"


Proudly, I contained myself & tried to imagine what our mother Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) would have done.. How she'd have replied.. How/what would she feel.. I didn't get mad for myself, nope, didn't get angry for me.. I felt like: ALHAMDULILLAH RABIL'ALAMEEN :) How thankful & grateful I am ya Allah! The best thing about this whole incident is my pudding.. I went later on & told him this story; to see his reaction.. A twelve year old's reaction.. And let me tell ya, I WAS PROUD :)

12 year old Puddingy: "Saraaaaaaaaaaaa :@ I wish they could understand.. Did you tell them the number of proposals you get? Sara, you know what, tomorrow, I want you to wear your black scarf.. Don't wear any of the colored ones you have for tomorrow.. Show them that you're strong in what you believe in.. You know what? If they ever talk to you about it again, tell them my 12 year old brother is telling you that this is rude of you & it's not really a nice thing when you beautify yourself in front of men.. That's not beauty! They can eat you with their eyes.. Do you like displaying your detailed form? Is this what you want?...."

He was cutely bothered, angry & sad :D Oh how I wish I could see more of pudding's heart in other boys' chests!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

~ tête-à-tête ~

Isn’t it wonderful when you have this looooooong phone conversation, with someone that you connect with so much & never feel like hanging up?! I’ve had one of those today.. We talked & talked & went somewhere so high; that I could barely see any of the others.. Just jumping from a cloud to another & nearly touching the sky.. We discussed what he called: “the feelings map”.. It’s this map that you hardly find anyone living on.. People even get scared of just looking at it.. The thought of passing it by would give them the chills..

“One who lives will see a lot, & he who walks will see much more..” that’s an Arabic proverb that totally makes sense.. I went to this
inspiring exhibition that connected me to my Islamic history more & more.. It contained five hundred priceless pieces collected by Nasser D Khalili.. It was magnificent! I was excited, proud, amazed, proud again & in absolute admiration! I saw this very old hat that seemed worn out.. It had those beautiful flowers sewed on it in this beautiful pattern.. The supervisor over there asked me: “I’ve had VIP visitors visiting this place & none, not even one of them, asked me about it! What is it with you & this hat?”.. I smiled & couldn’t explain.. There are certain things that you just can’t explain! I loved those iranian rugs & turkish tiles (even though i'm not so into tiles.. the patterns were enchanting!).. Ah, did I mention how beautiful the bowls were? It wasn’t for the material they were made from or the colors.. It was much more than that.. Each bowl had a piece of wisdom written on its edge in this beautiful Arabic angular kufic letters! A bowl, that they used for eating, had some inspiration to it! Where are we from all of that? Where?

Taking pictures wasn’t allowed; as the flash of the camera might damage those pretty treasures.. I asked the supervisor to take snaps without using my flash.. He agreed :) Thanks a lot Mr. Supervisor Man :) And I finally uploaded them.. YeeeeeeY :D

Now this here is THE ONLY Qur'an written by a woman :) Here:

I loved this Qur'an's wrapper :)

This has covered the Ka'ba for a period of time:

I just LOVE this kufic writing:


Some of the inspirational bowls that I loved (please find the description below the pictures):

I wonder how he looked like wearing it :D

How fancy! :)

P.S. I'm so sorry! I found out that if you try clicking on the pictures to enlarge them, they won't! I'M SO MAD AT ME; I don't know what is it that I did that made the pictures un-enlargeable (if that's a word)?! They're huge on my computer! If you're interested, I can send you the pictures you want! Sorry again about that!

Monday, March 03, 2008

* auntie A *

(illustration's source)

Unbelievable.. That’s what this is.. Unbelievable!

I’m so touched by this woman’s sweetness.. Thank You God for putting my way people as sweet as her!

I was teaching in this school just about three years ago.. And there was this cute girl from the upper grades (I only taught elementary grades) whom I used to see during the recesses.. We would have a short talk every now & then & that was all.. In the teacher-parent meeting day, I saw her cute mommy waiting in the corner of the meeting hall & looking my way; waiting for me to finish my discussions with the parents.. Shortly, she came up to me & told me: “I know you don’t teach my kids, but I just wanted to take a minute & tell you that I love you from what I've heard about you..”.. I’m not trying to be humble here, but by Allah, I’ve NEVER done anything special to her kids! I was amazed by her sweetness & I was surprised that she took the time to say those sweet words to someone who’s never-been/will-be of benefit to her! I asked her to sit & we talked.. We talked for long.. I fell in love with her sweet spirit.. We exchanged e-mails & phone numbers & that was about it..

She wrote me once or twice afterwards & so did I.. She moved to a far away land after a while & we hardly kept in touch afterwards.. Yesterday, I needed some serious advice & she popped up in my heart.. I thought to myself: “I can ask her?”, but then, I don’t want to be that annoying cold person turning to people only when they're in need; AS I HATE HATE HATE THOSE CREATURES!

Eventually, I wrote to her.. Asked her & just let my heart out.. I didn’t get a response from her.. And when I checked my mail this morning I felt horrible; as I didn't recieve a reply from her (I know that she’s actively online).. I thought, man, she should be hating me by now.. I mean, I hardly ask about her & when I need advise I write her?

Around an hour ago, mama called me: “sara, guess who called last night, when you were sleeping? I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you about it earlier this morning.. Guess who it was? GUESS? Your auntie A called & she sounded so excited.. She said that her daughter was talking to her about a friend called sara & that reminded her of you.. sara hamdy.. And only a day after that you sent her this email & it’s just gotten her crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

She talked to mama (she’s never met or talked to mama ever) for so long & she was so happy to have kept my number saved!

Thank you auntie A! You are far too kind & I’m so grateful & honored to have you in my life :)

We have to be kinder.. If we don’t, we’ll miss on a lot!

We have to express more.. We can’t just avoid making efforts to do nice things..

I feel like a li’l girl who has so much to say & do, but the whole world is just shushing her :(

Auntie A, you’ve put a smile on my face :) You're way too kind! Thank you! & I love you :)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

~ Ba Ba ~

Jannah, for the first time ever, said “ba ba” yesterday.. That was a blast for her daddy :) He actually called us on the phone yesterday to let us hear it.. Just to share with us one of the best moments of his life.. Unfortunately, her mom wasn’t around that very moment; she was out doing something & has left Janoonah with her daddy..

I was so touched hearing her say that.. Her dad is nuts, he loves her like crazy.. I remember once he was trying to put her to sleep & after she did, he stayed in a very uncomfortable position on the bed, for almost two entire hours, NOT MOVING; as not to disturb her sleep by moving his arm from under her head!

It’s like that.. It’s all like that.. That’s how it goes.. That’s what I’ve learned without having to learn.. That’s how it’s supposed to be.. As beautiful & as loving as can be :)

I find it relieving not being in control.. I love that fact about us “notfas”.. It’s almost always stimulating to find yourself a letter in the book of life.. You can choose what letter you want to be though..

Life will go on with or without you.. You better be than not to be; simply because you already ARE!