Monday, March 03, 2008

* auntie A *

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Unbelievable.. That’s what this is.. Unbelievable!

I’m so touched by this woman’s sweetness.. Thank You God for putting my way people as sweet as her!

I was teaching in this school just about three years ago.. And there was this cute girl from the upper grades (I only taught elementary grades) whom I used to see during the recesses.. We would have a short talk every now & then & that was all.. In the teacher-parent meeting day, I saw her cute mommy waiting in the corner of the meeting hall & looking my way; waiting for me to finish my discussions with the parents.. Shortly, she came up to me & told me: “I know you don’t teach my kids, but I just wanted to take a minute & tell you that I love you from what I've heard about you..”.. I’m not trying to be humble here, but by Allah, I’ve NEVER done anything special to her kids! I was amazed by her sweetness & I was surprised that she took the time to say those sweet words to someone who’s never-been/will-be of benefit to her! I asked her to sit & we talked.. We talked for long.. I fell in love with her sweet spirit.. We exchanged e-mails & phone numbers & that was about it..

She wrote me once or twice afterwards & so did I.. She moved to a far away land after a while & we hardly kept in touch afterwards.. Yesterday, I needed some serious advice & she popped up in my heart.. I thought to myself: “I can ask her?”, but then, I don’t want to be that annoying cold person turning to people only when they're in need; AS I HATE HATE HATE THOSE CREATURES!

Eventually, I wrote to her.. Asked her & just let my heart out.. I didn’t get a response from her.. And when I checked my mail this morning I felt horrible; as I didn't recieve a reply from her (I know that she’s actively online).. I thought, man, she should be hating me by now.. I mean, I hardly ask about her & when I need advise I write her?

Around an hour ago, mama called me: “sara, guess who called last night, when you were sleeping? I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you about it earlier this morning.. Guess who it was? GUESS? Your auntie A called & she sounded so excited.. She said that her daughter was talking to her about a friend called sara & that reminded her of you.. sara hamdy.. And only a day after that you sent her this email & it’s just gotten her crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

She talked to mama (she’s never met or talked to mama ever) for so long & she was so happy to have kept my number saved!

Thank you auntie A! You are far too kind & I’m so grateful & honored to have you in my life :)

We have to be kinder.. If we don’t, we’ll miss on a lot!

We have to express more.. We can’t just avoid making efforts to do nice things..

I feel like a li’l girl who has so much to say & do, but the whole world is just shushing her :(

Auntie A, you’ve put a smile on my face :) You're way too kind! Thank you! & I love you :)


Anonymous said...

What a coincidence Sara... !!!

I am very glad it was a good one for you :-)
Whats bothering you sweety ? Wanna talk to me about it ? I can lend you a patient ear and my support too.

Take care Sara,

sara said...

YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeY :D

Maryoomy now knows how to comment, while signing in with her wordperss account :D :D :D

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey ;D

Hey, you didn't say what the coincidence was?!

Thanks for it all maryoomy ;)