Tuesday, March 04, 2008

~ tête-à-tête ~

Isn’t it wonderful when you have this looooooong phone conversation, with someone that you connect with so much & never feel like hanging up?! I’ve had one of those today.. We talked & talked & went somewhere so high; that I could barely see any of the others.. Just jumping from a cloud to another & nearly touching the sky.. We discussed what he called: “the feelings map”.. It’s this map that you hardly find anyone living on.. People even get scared of just looking at it.. The thought of passing it by would give them the chills..

“One who lives will see a lot, & he who walks will see much more..” that’s an Arabic proverb that totally makes sense.. I went to this
inspiring exhibition that connected me to my Islamic history more & more.. It contained five hundred priceless pieces collected by Nasser D Khalili.. It was magnificent! I was excited, proud, amazed, proud again & in absolute admiration! I saw this very old hat that seemed worn out.. It had those beautiful flowers sewed on it in this beautiful pattern.. The supervisor over there asked me: “I’ve had VIP visitors visiting this place & none, not even one of them, asked me about it! What is it with you & this hat?”.. I smiled & couldn’t explain.. There are certain things that you just can’t explain! I loved those iranian rugs & turkish tiles (even though i'm not so into tiles.. the patterns were enchanting!).. Ah, did I mention how beautiful the bowls were? It wasn’t for the material they were made from or the colors.. It was much more than that.. Each bowl had a piece of wisdom written on its edge in this beautiful Arabic angular kufic letters! A bowl, that they used for eating, had some inspiration to it! Where are we from all of that? Where?

Taking pictures wasn’t allowed; as the flash of the camera might damage those pretty treasures.. I asked the supervisor to take snaps without using my flash.. He agreed :) Thanks a lot Mr. Supervisor Man :) And I finally uploaded them.. YeeeeeeY :D

Now this here is THE ONLY Qur'an written by a woman :) Here:

I loved this Qur'an's wrapper :)

This has covered the Ka'ba for a period of time:

I just LOVE this kufic writing:


Some of the inspirational bowls that I loved (please find the description below the pictures):

I wonder how he looked like wearing it :D

How fancy! :)

P.S. I'm so sorry! I found out that if you try clicking on the pictures to enlarge them, they won't! I'M SO MAD AT ME; I don't know what is it that I did that made the pictures un-enlargeable (if that's a word)?! They're huge on my computer! If you're interested, I can send you the pictures you want! Sorry again about that!


Anonymous said...

The bowls are so beautiful.

The Kufic writing is what i totally loved the most here, Wish i was with you visiting this exhibition ..... :-(


sara said...

awwwwwww.. I wish you & Z would be able to come & visit the U.A.E. sometime.. We'd love to have you here :)

Maryoomy, the pics are NOTHING compared to reality!


Qabbani said...

i liked the photos :) thanks for sharing:)

have a nice day

sara said...

you're welcome :)

have a blessed day!

Bongo said...

i liked the photos so much

and such a nice blog you have here

my first visit :)

sara said...

ahlan :)

ahlan :)

ahlan :)