Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It was at night time when the traffic light went red & all the honking started.. I turned my head to find this huge number of cars, on the other side of the road, honking their horns around this cutely decorated car carrying a groom & his bride.. I was so happy seeing that & hearing this beeping going on :) I was the only one who started honking on my side of the road (I hardly honk & hate that noise! It's funny how can one thing express anger & at other times express joy!) The drivers from the other side started looking at me & smiling even more; happy with my reaction :) The only thought I had was: "MashaAllah, another house is starting in the light & two souls are uniting while declaring it to the whole world :)".. Isn't it such a beautiful fact that one of the conditions of a marriage contract, is to announce it publicly? The lights went green & I left them with a sincere prayer in my heart for them :)
I found this amazing book in the bookstore last weekend.. I bought it along with other books, but I started reading it first.. "From my sisters' lips".. Just by reading the dedication, I was so overwhelmed: "For my husband, the wind beneath my wings"! How lovely is that! I so wanna see Na'ima (the author)! I saw her heart & got so connected! I'll leave you with one of the things that I've got to know, for first time ever, from her book: The shahada (the statement of faith) has conditions attached to it:
1. Knowledge
2. Sincerity
3. Truthfulness
4. Certainty
5. Love
6. Submission
7. Acceptance


mayG said...

Beautiful indeed.. have you read her other works/ short poems etc.. they are just SO beautiful and always leave me touched and moist eyed!

infoguide said...

The dedication written is very beautiful. Afterall, that is what a husband really is.

Mashallah, Cant wait till i get my hands on this book.


sara said...

I wish we had more of her work here.. I'll order them online inshaAllah :)

you sooooooooo should :D

infoguide said...

If you donot mind me asking Sara, What does your title "K S T C L S A" mean ?


Dubai Guy said...

Sara: Check this link & tell me what you think of it. But be warned, it might give you a big headache, over 150 comments :-)

International Women’s Day

infoguide: Maybe you didn't read the last paragraph well :-)

1. Knowledge
2. Sincerity
3. Truthfulness
4. Certainty
5. Love
6. Submission
7. Acceptance

Batoul A. said...

It amazes me how with a shaikh and a few moments some words repeated & prayers recited... 2 different lives are united and forever (or in hope to be forever) changed into one. Sub7anAllah!

And the shahada part is 7 simple words with endless value.

sara said...

Of course I don't mind :)
It's the begining of each letter of the 7 conditions of shahada..

I just read it & I'm happy to say that you did a good job :)

I knoooooooooow :D
I pray Allah blesses your brother with the happiness & love that Allah has talked about.. Amen :)

Beautiful-Disaster said...

Asalamu Alaikum Sara,

I totally love Naima B. Robert...May Allah (swt) shower His blessings on her..Ameen.

I remember reading that book a few years back, I was so engrossed in it for days, I didn't want to put it down. It was so heart warming and inspiring.

Sara, may you find the wind beneath your wings, Insha-Allah.

Take care.



sara said...

alaiky assalam wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuHu BD,

I love her too.. May Allah accept her hard work & assist her in inspiring all the needy souls out there.. Amen :)

And that prayer you had for me is priceless :D

Amen :)

*Have a peaceful evening*

M.Fatima said...

Assalalm o alaikum Sara.....i am a new member here also ''Made of clay & longing to become a better person by being inspired, enlightened & uplifted..''

the first thing that attracted me to view ur profile ws ur name..its the name of my very dear teacher Sarah...whom i miss very much because i dont know where she is..only her memories surround me..i wish i could find her someday INSHALLAH...plz pray.

...i ve read your posts and profile and find a certain similitude bw my thoughts and yours and my teacher ms.sarah's..u see how our souls'thoughts are same...
i want to contact you..why..this i ll tell u in detail bt can i??????

i will wait fr ur reply.
can u give me ur email id??

sara said...

Walaiky assalam oh dear sister :)

All I could say was:
aaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :)

Please do, here:

Waiting for your e-mail :D