Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Fatal Fog :(

"ABU DHABI - In the worst-ever multiple collisions in the history of the country, apparently caused by heavy fog and negligent driving, more than 150 vehicles, including 12 buses, rammed into each other on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway yesterday morning, resulting in four deaths and injuries to 317 people."
When I read more about this sad day in some other VERY famous paper here in the U.A.E., I got sadder.. After all of this happening, guess what I read?! They said describing what happened: "& they were from different nationalities...."
May Allah make it easy on everybody.. Amen.

P.S. Thanks a lot dearest :')


Amr said...

I saw the photos, very horrible thing.

I wonder what makes ppl drive so fast in that foggy road, as i remeber the speed allowance is 160KM.

sara said...

I couldn't watch the PICTURES.. HORRIBLE!


WAllahi even without speeding.. You know, I worked for around a month in a school that was quite far & I had to drive on that very same highway daily.. One day in that month, the fog was so low & I couldn't see AT ALL! I went so slow, but still was about to hit cars a couple of times.. I even missed the right turn I had to take & stupidly reversed, on the emegergency lane, RIGHT NEXT TO THE TRUCKS!!!!!!!!! (there was no close u-turn; so I had to do it.. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TELL DADDY :$)

You don't know how bad the fog gets here! Did you ever experience it when you were here?


Amr said...

no, actually i didn't, i was there during the summer.

But i got it some time when i was travelling to Alex in the morning.

U can try fog lights, it is optional accessories in cars, but really helps.

sara said...

Guess what? That fog happens in summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got fog lights, alhamdulillah..

You know what makes things worse? Everyone putting on their hazard lights while they're going on in the fog! They're only suppossed to do that when they're in real danger so that people behind them would be alert!

Imagine all the cars with the hazard lights on: you can't tell who's stopped & who's going :@

Amr said...

Ohh, really, i didn't know there can be fogs in the summer!!!!

i think u'd better stay at home during these days for ur safty :)

Keep watching the wizard news online to figure out about tomorror's conditions.

sara said...

No, khalas, I don't have to take that road anymore :)

Amr said...

tayeb better for u, we 3ao2bal el gamee3 :D.

sara said...


Small Blue Thing said...

That "nationalities" stuff sounds every moment that reporters have nothing to say.

I remember a couple of news broadcast in Spain when it became public that UN soldiers had raped women and girls in Rwanda, during the civil war. "We can assure no soldier was from the spanish division", said the dude. SO WHAT???

I hope all the best to the victims, and you and yours feel safe, inshallah.

sara said...

spanish or chinese, what's the freaking difference?!?!?!?!?!?! :@


I hope so too dearest..

*love you to bits*

Anonymous said...

I am not sure about this, but once I heard from someone that in Dubai, you have a separate cemetry for locals & a separate one for non-locals. I am talking about muslims. I think they did that to make it easier for angels of "different nationalities" who visit the graves. Sick mentality if that is really true.

As for driving in the fog, I think the best option is to avoid driving in such weather as much as possible. I think they plan to introduce a law regarding this.

May Allah have mercy on the soul of the deceased & give strength to theior families to bear this loss. May Allah also help the injured get back to their normal lives soon. Amen

sara said...

If this graveyard thing is true DG, then we should be expecting any evil happening to us & we shouldn't even think twice about why it's happening to us :(

And yeah, fog here can't be avoided unless you really avoid it!

Amen to your prayers..


mayG said...

OMG! Is it true? do they really have separate graveyards for locals here?? I'm shocked.

Prayers of maghfirah for the victims, and sabr for those they left behind.

sara said...


Hicham said...

Ya Allah!

Nothing to do with Nationalties except reporting + offical stuff however they are humans who have passed away.

Yes this is horrible, May Allah forgive them and us. Amen.

sara said...

Assalamu alaikum Hisham,

Looooong time!

Hope it's all been okay with you :)

& amen.. Rabinna yerhamna jamee'an..