Monday, October 11, 2010

My Sunlight :)

You Are My Sunlight :)

My fears you always fight..

May you live longer & longer in bliss,

& I'd get to your forehead & hands to kiss..

Miss your smell, your face, your hands, your clothes,

And everything you touch & that your hand folds..

Bless you Mommy today & everyday,

& wish I was there to wish you in person today :')

Friday, October 01, 2010

* y o u r s *

Giving one's self wouldn't be,
anything but being free :)
With your deep black eyes I see,
& into your soul I flee :)
In my heart, I'd carry you,
& most lovingly, would give you me :)
~ By MISS sara on the 17th of August, 2009 at 6:14 PM ~
That was Miss Sara Hamdy’s written words that came from a dream.. It was a dream that she’s painted over a year ago after meeting her dashing prince under the beautiful skies along with her lovely parents’ prayers & hopes of a lovely new life for her.. She met him & started dreaming.. Dreaming of a new her that existed with him, and only him.. The man of her dreams.. Her knightiest knight.. Prince charming.. The first & last man who’s given her butterflies in her tummy.. The one & only who’s light shone so bright for her to see & feel.. So she dreamt.. And wrote a few words, along with a picture that spoke a thousand dreams.. A thousand wishes.. And they were saved.. In the drafts of her very inner self.. And after a few days, weeks, months & a long year that seemed like years, she met him again.. And this time for the eternal bond.. For the Holy unity Of souls, hearts, minds & bodies..

Dear Sisters & brothers,
I’m in a different continent now, in a different country, a different city, where people speak a different language, and look different.. I’d like to take a moment and thank and show deeply sincere gratitude to tens and tens of people.. Thanking God is thanking them.. ALHAMDULILLAH :) I’ll go from the oldest to the youngest..

I’d like to start with Diggo though, my dearest grandpa.. Who has passed ON and is no longer physically between us, but he’s always here, with his words, actions, love & very deep warm heart.. Thank you Diggo for showing me what love can do.. I’m married now & truly wish you would have met him, you’d surely love him.. He reminds me of you Diggo.. Thank you Diggo.. For wanting to see me in that white dress.. I wore it.. And remembered you.. And hoped you’d be proud of me, are you? Love you so much :)

My Tetas, my lovely grandmothers.. Thanks for sticking with me & working so hard in your uniquely old smart ways in working things out whenever they got stuck ;) It worked my dear Grannies, IT DID :D Thank you very much :) :)

Uncle S. :) Thank you for praying for me all through it & always willing to help.. Taunt M. thanks for all the advice.. Love you :)

Daddy, Baba, Sahby, Mohammed Hamdy Ya Obaha, my teacher, my friend, the One who’s always got our backs, the princesses maker, the sweetest man & my forever strongest hero.. Baba.. Dad.. Dahry.. Baba, remember.. Remember.. Remember all your favors.. Remember all you’ve done for me? Of course you won’t remember, ‘cuz they’re way too much to count.. I can’t either, ‘cuz they started before my birth.. Baba, oh Baba.. The way you watch after my every step.. The way you run for me.. The way you carry me, with all my faults & flaws.. The way you forgive me.. The way you love me.. The way you grant me security.. The way you protect me.. The way you hunt my fears down.. The way you fight for me.. The way you struggle for me.. All your sleepless nights.. All your worry.. All your hard work.. All your plans.. All your dreams.. All your risks.. All your care.. Care for the tiny things before the big ones.. Baba, you’re the best dad ever.. My friends have always envied me for you, did I tell you that? They always wished their dads were like you.. Daddy, remember when you used to help me with my studies, I used to stare at your face a lot and not hear you out :$ As small as your eyes are, as self-explanatory and sharp.. Did I tell you how much I love your handwriting? In both Arabic & English! You’re so accurate and precise in everything you do, I truly wish when we have a kid, they’d be like you! Love your taps on my shoulder & my back.. Love your voice reciting Qur’an trying always to perfect the words & the sounds.. Thank you for trying so hard to grant me a peaceful life & protecting me from everything, including my crazy-very-self! Thank you dad for being my baba, and I’m always glad to be sarooret baba.. Baba, love you more than you know.. Thank you for holding my hand so tight & taking me to the other side.. Be well dad, & may you always stay strong as you always are, amen..
Baba habeeby Allah yekhaleeh,
Kattar riz’o wy yenageeh,
Gably aroosa wy akhoya hosan,
Shee ya hosan,
Orosy ya aroosa,
Orosy ya aroosa :’)

Mom, Mommy, Mama, Ottet Elmeatateen Kullohom, My very inner sara, my mirror, my monitor, blood of my blood, self of myself, my bestest friend, my cushion, my coziest corner, my pencil, my words, my eyes, the collector of my dreams, the most beautiful voice, the softest heart, the deepest eyes, the smartest woman, the quickest rescuer, the safest guide, the brightest star, the funniest girl, the truest faith, TRUE EMAN, the most truthful tongue, the sincerest sister, the best daughter, the cutest wife, the best mom, the trust worthiest friend, the honorable Muslim woman, MOM! Mama, I don’t know how to thank you! After getting married mom, I started seeing more.. Seeing how great you are.. How do you do this? How do you do it all perfectly good like that! You are a PEACE of heaven mama.. You’re the warmest softest woman & the strongest ever! Your hands are magic & your eyes are an epic! Mom, I wish I can be you, but that’s impossible! How will I be a million things all at once like you, I can hardly find me! Know what Mom, living in the place you came from tells me a lot about you.. It’s pretty amazing how you flew all across the world & still belong here.. You’re so loyal mommy! Mom, I’m so proud of you, your journey & your achievements.. Wish you’re proud of me too.. Wish I’m close to what you wished for me to be.. To you I dedicate my whole life mama.. I’m all yours habebty.. All yours.. Wish I can carry you forever & wipe away all of your tears, fears & hard work of them long years.. Bless your transparent soul, pure heart, always giving mind, & chaste body.. Thank you for carrying me all through them years.. Thank you for giving me all the time.. I love, love, love you mama :)
Soosa soosa soosa,
Soosa kaf aroosa,
Soosa welly yesa’af,
Yestahil minnik boosa :’)

Kabooka, A. & Janjoony……… Thank you so much for all the love & support.. Thank you for the prayers & care.. Thank you for always being there, by actions, words & thoughts.. You define “henneya”, warmth & unconditional love.. Thank you for everything.. I love you three so much, & pray your fourth member would arrive very soon, safe & sound, amen :)

Khalo A., P., Amoona & Noony :) :) :) :) Just saying your names, a smile is drawn right away :D You four are the joy of this big family.. You are a great example of ease & simplicity.. I truly wish our new home would carry those meanings that you’ve proved to the world, are the secret of joy! Thank you for sticking with me through it all.. Thank you for being so close through the hardest times, especially with Mom.. Do you know that she used to truly smile whenever you guys were there? May you always shine with your happiness & smile in bliss all through the years, amen :)

Adwarica :’) Bro, I miss you! I can’t believe I made it when you weren’t there! I told everyone NO WAY without bro.. He has to stand there & hold my hand.. I should never say never bro.. I learnt it the hard way! Thank you for being “honestly” supportive through it ;) You were with me, deep in my heart, through every second.. Can you believe all this happened! Can you believe your sasa is married! Thanks for all the white dress hunts :) remember? Thanks for giving me the best times this winter.. Finally we ice-skated under the dark blue sky! Love it with you bro, like we always have! Sorry for cutting your finger earlier, you know I love you :$ Bro, THANK YOU for taking care of me, & my weak heart through it, love you Adwarica :)

Sis, Luly, Dolly, Lo’lo’atilkhaleeeeeeeeej :’) I miss you sweety.. I miss you Ukhty! Where do I begin Lulullll? Where? You took all my blues! You heard me through it all.. Through all the KHORROR ;) My cries, my laughs, my anger, my downfalls, my aaaaaall! Whether it’s early morning when you hated to talk, hear, or anything, or late night when you were so dead! You shared it all, from scratch all the way to the graduation day.. Dehket…. Hmmm… Dehket alby ;P Thank you for being (& giving me) the best pillow ever! Thank you for telling me I looked nice when I was a ghost! Thank you for the “heart of the ocean” Love you sis.. You’re like my arm, or an eye of both eyes (not both ;)).. Yo yo yo, no tears, yeah? I LOVE YOU & I’ll see you sooner than we both know, God be willing.. Until then, know that you are the best baby sis in the whole wide world :) LYKYS :D :D
Puddingyyyyyyyyyyyy, my li’l maaaaaaaaaaan, the most handsom guy in the crowds, AND YOU KNOW IT ;) Abeteeta, your face is the best to look at! I swear it pudding, your words are always wise and always make sense.. Can you believe that you actually took care of me with your short very sweet words! Whoever is gonna be your wife is one lucky woman ;) Sorry for not being the best sis all the time.. I love you so much, you’re my bro, my son, & my best li’l guy ever :D Can’t wait for you to take me and cruise around so fast, faster than fast & furious.. Our superman :D You’re the best! I LOVE YOU HANDSOM ;) *abigkissnomatterhowmuchyouhateit:P*
School, kids, my sweet H. sister! I gave you guys some hard time, eh? I pray for a quick ring flying to your finger dear H. & before you know it, a baby that’s as cute as you are, amen :) And all the single girls out there.. Thank you for being there my friend.. You’re the sweetest :) Ghubzy, the woman with the green peas, Hudees, Dearest Ara, F.Z., S.S., H.Umm elbanat, L.M.S., N.D., & aaaaaaaaall my ladies out there, THANKS A MILLION! Love y’all :D
And Hubby oh Hubby……. Thank you for being you, for finding me, for loving me, for taking me as I am & working so hard to bring US to life & keep US safe.. Thank you for fighting against all the odds.. For climbing all the mountains.. For winning over the storms.. For never giving up on US.. You’re the best pilot ever.. Thanks for loving all my people & making us all grow and adding to our family a new family.. Thanks for taking care of me more than I am.. You are the best gift ever.. The best of my present, my past & my future.. May God bless you always & keep you safe from all harm, amen.. May I be to you as you want me to.. May our life together add to this world a new meaning.. May love be our only guide & peace be what we’re all about.. Thank you for everything knighty :’)
And hey, BUT ONE SPEAK ;)
With all my love,
Mrs. Sara Hamdy
P.S. Dad, Mom & Khalo Khalo Khalo thank you.. For everything you’ve done for us all, for me, and especially for this past year.. I’m forever grateful.. Thank you for appreciating my words, & bringing this blog to life.. I love you :’)