Sunday, September 28, 2008


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Well, as days pass me by, they add new things to myself, my heart, my mind & my body.. A new sight.. A new feeling.. A new impulse.. A new freckle.. It's pretty amazing how time never stops & how we always try to stop it, instead of trying to take it by the hand & befriend it..

Things have been changing a lot around me, & I was thinking that it was only things that were changing.. As a matter of fact, I have been changing too.. People see me differently & treat me differently, & well, sometimes I like it, & at other times I don't..

With these changes we should always think, are these changes increasing our credits or subtracting from them.. I'm always thirsty over here.. Thirsty & hungry for things that are hard to get.. I wonder if my tomorrow will come with all I seek, or with sorrow that I always fear..

A big happy hello to you all nice hearted people, & great wishes for joy & success in all you do with love & care.. Amen :)



Dear friend,

I'm sorry about your great loss.. I pray your mom is in a better place dearie.. I can't wait to see you & hug you & cry with you & promise you to meet with her in a better place & in a joyful time.. Her struggle here was long, but will happily bring her to her long wanted dream.. Amen.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fine, you can laugh at me!

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I know you need a laugh; & so, I'll try to help you with one.. Even though it'll be AT ME, but yalla, what am I gonna lose.. Here we go.. I have this li'l tiny threat that I use in the emergency cases when the class goes wild & things get outa control.. I usually go like: "If you keep on doing this, I'll go to mrs. J & tell her that I can't teach your class & ask her to get you a new teacher.." Usually, the response would be: "Thorry mith, latht time.. We'll thtay quiet.." But today, it was an unexpected failure to me! After I said what I said, one kid went like: "It's okay, we'll ask mrs. J to get us miss G, she's sweet.." & then the rest of the class started agreeing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, that was such an embarrassment :$