Sunday, September 28, 2008


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Well, as days pass me by, they add new things to myself, my heart, my mind & my body.. A new sight.. A new feeling.. A new impulse.. A new freckle.. It's pretty amazing how time never stops & how we always try to stop it, instead of trying to take it by the hand & befriend it..

Things have been changing a lot around me, & I was thinking that it was only things that were changing.. As a matter of fact, I have been changing too.. People see me differently & treat me differently, & well, sometimes I like it, & at other times I don't..

With these changes we should always think, are these changes increasing our credits or subtracting from them.. I'm always thirsty over here.. Thirsty & hungry for things that are hard to get.. I wonder if my tomorrow will come with all I seek, or with sorrow that I always fear..

A big happy hello to you all nice hearted people, & great wishes for joy & success in all you do with love & care.. Amen :)



Dear friend,

I'm sorry about your great loss.. I pray your mom is in a better place dearie.. I can't wait to see you & hug you & cry with you & promise you to meet with her in a better place & in a joyful time.. Her struggle here was long, but will happily bring her to her long wanted dream.. Amen.



Anonymous said...

I wish you a very happy and peaceful Eid. May Allah accept our good deeds, forgive our transgressions and help us become better muslims & better human beings.

Eid Mubarak :-)

sara said...

Ameeeeeeeeen :)

Thanks DG :)

Happy days :)

MASS said...

Kull Sana wenti tayeba
rabena y3ood 3alaeyk el 2ayaam bekhair
we 3asakum min 3uwadah.

sara said...

wenta tayyeb we mabsoot we farhaan we raady we sa'eed we mu'min we qawey ya MASS :D

Anonymous said...

Salaam Sara :),

I hope you had a nice Ramadan.Eid Mubarak!
You know what...time passes...that's true...but reading your beautiful posts makes it easier to go on.

Strong hug from Natasha!!!

Gold said...

uh huh.. Change, and thirsty..

Can i pause here for a moment and think? Well, that's not a change at, because i always pause here for a moment and think..

hmm.. hmm very much..

May Allah accept all of our good deeds in Ramadan, forgive the bed deed in and outside Ramadan, and grant us the opportunity to change to the better for ourselves and for the people around us..

But the question here is: are we?

With respect awy,

Asma said...

Eid Mubarak dearz .... belated though by now ;)

The journey into one's own self goes on...!

sara said...

Natashaaaaaaaaaa :D



I always pause here with your words too.. But this time, didn't quite get it :$
respectfully khales,

Asoomyyyyyyyyy :)
Tell me about it!

His Sweetheart said...

I hope these changes are for the better sweetie

May God RIP your friend's mom inshalla!!

Gold said...

(quote) change to the better for ourselves and for the people around us..

Notice the verb "Change" in the above sentence

(quote) but the question here is: are we? (/quote)

Are we changing towards the better of ourselves and the people around us?

That's the question..

since you mentioned change.. hope its clearer now :)


sara said...

H. SH.,

1. Thank u for the clarification..
2. Tell me, were you sitting yesterday in my class in an invisible seat?

Gold said...

Well that depends on what made you say so :)

The question here is.. Have you been expecting me to be in a seat in your class? And if yes then for sure I am sitting there..

I've had a nice experience this Ramadan, teaching computer skills for kids, ranging 4 to 8 years of age, and all through it the thought of you kept floating onto my head..

I had a dream last night, it was about a class that I was attending and/or holding.. and then a prayer in the Mosque.. There was this young lady in the dream.. I wonder!

sara said...

Well then, you were definitely attending that class (& not holding it); 'cuz I know for sure that you were sitting there :$

Gold said...

Well, then why don't you share that day on another blog entry right here?

It's been a while and we as your faithful audience are not used to waiting for that long.. you had your excuse in Ramadan but now? :)

sara said...

Gosh! I was just thinking of how to share the many things that have happened over the past few weeks.. I was thinking of this title: "sad smile"..

Well, let's see.. I really gotta go now :(

Gold said...

And today's another day..

It is just another day of many.. a sad smile suggests being grateful for something that has happened that could have made it a real smile, yet a clear confession that what took place as an event is not fully grasped yet as something that could make you really happy..

But, no matter what, being here makes me happy no matter what else is going on.. and with that, I leave this post in peace :)

sara said...

And today's another day.. And with this suggestion, I don't think there's anything left for me to say; you simply say it all FM :)

*Come on kids, let's say bye bye to Abdo*

Gold said...

sometimes i read and wonder.. did i really write that? How?!

*waves for the kids, and apologizes for the rest of Sara's audience*

sara said...

Wow, let me tell you that the kids love you already, & a kid's love is a real measure of the authenticity of one's heart :)

You are real to your self Abdo & to others; bless your heart :)