Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fine, you can laugh at me!

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I know you need a laugh; & so, I'll try to help you with one.. Even though it'll be AT ME, but yalla, what am I gonna lose.. Here we go.. I have this li'l tiny threat that I use in the emergency cases when the class goes wild & things get outa control.. I usually go like: "If you keep on doing this, I'll go to mrs. J & tell her that I can't teach your class & ask her to get you a new teacher.." Usually, the response would be: "Thorry mith, latht time.. We'll thtay quiet.." But today, it was an unexpected failure to me! After I said what I said, one kid went like: "It's okay, we'll ask mrs. J to get us miss G, she's sweet.." & then the rest of the class started agreeing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, that was such an embarrassment :$


Nizar said...

thanks for the laugh :D

Batoul said...

looool ouch!
Kids need their own techniques. Yallah Plan B. A new game :)

Habayeb said...

awwww, that was mean :P

sara said...

You're welcome Nizar :)

Let's see :)

I know.. hehe :)

Gold said...


Toothless kids and their ways :D

Sometimes while dealing with them u don't expect their responses, so u switch to a mode as if you're dealing with a heavy business man..

sara said...


The cutetht buthineth man ever :D


His Sweetheart said...

I really miss my old days teaching kids!!

I won't consider it embarrassment but sweetness wallah :)

Yeah, they shock us with how smart they are :)

sara said...


Kids Kids Kids, the prettiest things ever!

And please get back to teaching, the world lacks sweethearted teachers!

Anonymous said...

Did you forget that you were dealing with kids of the 21st century? :-)

sara said...

No I didn't :$

Anonymous said...

Salaam Sara :)!

How are you?I must say the truth that I didn't read your post now,because I'm so tired and about going to sleep.I'll read it as soon as possible.I just wanted to drop by and wish you a blessed month of Ramadan.

A strong hug :)!

Anonymous said... I read your post :)!
Ah,Sara these are kids...cant help it :)!

Princess N said...

i think its great that you feel its funny.. i would have felt sad.. as you said you love these children and I am sure your are giving them all you can and it hurts to know that they prefer another teacher..

Anonymous said...


Everyone who seems to work with kids love it. I did work experience at a nursery and I absolutely despised it. =D

sara said...

Natashaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

Princess N,
I know..
They're the cutest!

Salaams :)
Well, I taught KG for a month & quit!! They really need specially trained professional teachers!

Veiled Muslimah said...

haha cutee, i love kids, especially the ones that talk like that, mashallah. Poor you sarah :P

sara said...


Hope your ramdan was a great one VM :)