Sunday, June 20, 2010

w o r d s l i k e s w o r d s


A broken promise.. A broken promise broke me to pieces.. A broken promise.. A broken word.. A word that only consisted of letters.. Letters that weigh absolutely nothing.. And to me they were everything.. I was clinging to words, can you believe that? Clinging to words that took me higher and then other words came and smashed me into the lowest rock.. I was clinging to words! Blindly trusting.. Blindly believing.. Blindly seeing the rainbows and the flowing river of purity.. Purity of heart and mind.. Purity of soul and body.. I was flying over on a cloud passing all of them ugly scenes.. Blocking my ears when it came to angry noises.. Blocking my eyes when it came to scary darkness.. Maybe it’s me.. Maybe I was selfish.. Maybe I painted picture perfect when there were no colors.. How can you paint with no colors! What am I but a dot in this world.. A dot that thought of changing the world.. Of growing some seeds.. Of drawing some smiles.. All I did was the opposite.. Never finished anything.. Never gave all I had.. Never made any difference.. I only smelled the flowers and never took care of any.. I only took.. I.. I.. I.. I am nothing and did nothing and God told me that I’m here to fix, and all I do is ruin.. I ruined me.. The me that God’s given me! Can’t even know me anymore.. I lost me and lost my sight.. It’s pitch black now.. I’m sorry God.. I’m sorry my dear lovely people.. Sorry for all of this.. Sorry for everything.. I love you all and I’m so deeply sorry.. I know sorry is a five lettered word, but words are all I got, and if the whole wide world gives up on words, I won’t! A word is always a word, even if it weighs nothing.. Let’s live on God’s Promise, and pray we deserve it, amen!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

p r e t e n d ?

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~ s a f e t y ~


Dreams, prayers, hopes, plans, pleads, wishes, fears, tears, cries, screams..... I'm down on my knees, asking You to please, please, please, guide me.. Teach me.. Help me.. Keep us safe.. Fill our selves with beauty.. Our hearts with love.. Our minds with peace.. Fill our roads with tranquility & our strings with hope.. Strengthen our walls & soften our walks.. Keep us safe.. Safe.. Please keep us safe......