Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thank you Mr. DECENT man!

Mr. decent man.. Thank You!
Who's Mr. decent man? Well he's this man I met yesterday.. At the assessment center (where we assess people), came this decent man, who would try by all different means to avoid looking at women.. Who would politely lower his gaze.. Who would protect himself & others from the sin of falling in satan's traps.. Who's role model is prophet Josef (peace be upon him).. I'd like to congratulate your wife Mr decent man.. Congratulations sister :) You're husband is
one of the most decent men I've ever met.. May his inward be as decent as his outward.. May The Preserver protect him & all those who seek protection.. Amen.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Running into S..

Kooki.. Our kitty.. A mother cat now.. Have I ever mentioned her? Talking to a friend a couple of days ago brought it all back to me.. It's not that I forgot about her or something, she's always there in my pocket.. I see her everyday.. But talking about her is different.. She's not living with us anymore.. As it was found that the increase in our allergy was 'cuz of her! After having her for two years, we had to let go.. Let go! It isn't easy.. Never is & never will be..
Anyhow, that's the case with everything else.. Not the letting go part, but never forgetting.. It's those things that I can never forget.. Like that girl.. I can't remember if I talked about her earlier or not.. But anyways.. Here goes.. In the emergency room, I met this girl and her younger sister, who had those kinda bulging eyes.. I asked "what's her problem?" she said that her sis has a couple of pupils in each eye! And that she sees things multiplied!! She can't climb the stairs properly; as she actually can't see them as they are.. Same with people around here.. Things.. I never forgot that encounter! Months later, I ran into S (the elder sis) & it was weird; as I have talked about her sis to many people trying to make them appreciate what they have.. When I met her, I asked her about her sis & made sure they were better than that terrible state I saw them in.. And S told me that in India, there is this doctor who can help her see as the rest or us.. And they were planning to go there soon.. TODAY, as I was entering the prayer room to pray Asr, I saw a young lady sitting on the floor with her back to me.. I said assalamu alaikum, & asked her "did you already get to pray Asr, or wanna pray it along with me?" Then I look closely, and there she is.. S.. She was shocked & same was I! We didn't even exchange numbers & there we were again running into each other.. Maybe so that I tell you guys about her.. Or to remind myself and my family.. You know what happened to her li'l sis? They found out that there is no cure for her.. She can't do the operation; as they found that those pupils are connected to each lens & if she does the surgery she'll go blind.. Then they gave her some special eye glasses.. That give her headaches..
AlhamduliLah.. People of the world.. BE THANKFUL.. Cummon.. We gotta be thankful.. Some don't like their hair.. Or their whatever..
I'll never forget you girlly.. You're always in my prayers.. You & your family..
While I was in the hospital yesterday, I was thinking to myself while looking at the patients, at least all these people have means to go check on themselves or afford the medicines.. How about others who can't afford to see a doctor.. As an asthmatic, I always thought to myself, how do those poor asthmatics live without the inhaler.. Wish I can afford to give aaaaaaaaaaaaaall those poor asthmatics inhalers.. Wish.. Really wish.. Wish I can make a campaign that would help them.. I've always thought of it..
On the other hand, how about those who have the money of the world, but their diseases are incurable?! Like that li'l girl?!
Kooki.. I remember when I used to come home so sad & she would actually sense that and keep on roaming around my feet.. And then on my lap she goes.. So peacefully.. And wipe my pain away..
But it has to have a meaning right? Running into S? She was to leave the room in moments! SubhanAllah! I was meant to meet her & know about the sad news!

Friday, May 18, 2007

"Pursuit of Cleanliness"

"Cleanliness is half our deen but if you walk into many of the Masjids, you would have no idea. I figured since there are millions of people are watching, I would do a video covering the topic since its such a big part of Deen."

Saturday, May 12, 2007

! normally crazy !

Agony, that's what we're living in.. Wish to get something different soon.. Why are we living in it? Well 'cuz we're normally crazy! And that's 'cuz we're too much! We're almost too much all the time.. Too much of it all.. Too much of love, care, love again, a li'l more care, some extra love mixed with a lotta care & an everlasting love.. And this has resulted in some serious despair that's been occupying our house lately.. Pray that it (torment) would die soon.. Wish I can have this li'l girl's forehead that's clear of any worries.. But sometimes it's impossible to go back to square one.. However, is it true that there could be too much of love and care? And no matter what the answer will be, that's us.. Love & care way toooooooooo much!

"Pencil markings on the room wall
Memories of a child’s growing tall

Child-proof locks and safety pins
A hundred different little things

Packed in boxes and stowed away
To be remembered some other day"

~ By Inji 11/9/2006 ~

PS. That pic up there isn't taken by me.. It's my friend's daughter :) A cutie cutie.. Saja.. That's her name.. Li'l sujy..

Thursday, May 10, 2007

^ Blissful Birds ^

Blissful birds.. They don’t have to test & scan in order to find their right spouse ;) No seriously.. And the best part is, they spend most of their life flying.. Can somebody do that with me? I wonder.. However, for us humans it’s way much more complicated.. For example: Jannah here & Raven here & there.. And me.. Well, there is this bird flying nearby.. So let’s see what the wind will bring along.. BREAKING NEWS -- BRO IS IN TOWN.. After an extremely complex, tough & a dangerous trip.. Welcome back home bro :) Thank you for getting us back to six ;)

A fact for fact: We all do mistakes.. We’re human..

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

dusty as the handle on the door..

Oh, how I love coming back home! I just love going back home! I’m a very 'homy' person, as many others describe me.. I could literally stay at home for weeks!

Yesterday, on my hour & a half journey back home, I was staring at the sun & the moon.. Have you ever noticed that when the sun fades, it fades from down & carries on upwards? Like the lower half first, and then gradually, it’s all gone?! And have you ever noticed that at a lotta times, you find mr. moon & mrs. sun in sight at the same time? And I wonder what people think of those dark patches on the moon? Do they like the moon as it it, or wish it was fully white without them patches?

The moon was full yesterday.. And the sky wasn’t clear.. And I almost blacked out! I was so close to fainting & falling.. I tripped in front of all of them men & women.. Everything started getting darker.. I had to shut my eyes for a while.. It’s so bad loosing balance.. But still.. My asthma climbs the charts..

And oh, I also enjoyed seeing that tree standing alone in the desert.. Wonder what it’s story was.. And wonder how is it hanging in there.. Praise the Lord! He willed for it to live & grow.. And wonder if the deja vu I had yesterday, was 'cuz of thinking about what I was doing way too much, as I've been told..

When the night comes, I prefer the world changing all it’s white lights & replace them with those kinda yellow ones.. And if they can’t do that in the streets, then at least in their homes.. Please?

I wonder how are the people, who were in that thrown half burnt car I saw in the middle of the way, doing.. And wonder if I’m a real dummy.. And keep on wondering..

And again, how I love coming back home!

"The prettiest thing

I ever did see
Was lightening from the top of a cloud
Moving through the dark a million miles an hour
With somewhere to be
So why does it seem
Like a picture
Hanging up on someone else's wall
Lately I haven't been myself at all
It's heavy on my mind
I'm dreaming again
Like I've always been
And way down low
I know
The prettiest thing
I ever did see
Was dusty as the handle on the door
Rusty as a nail stuck in the old pine floor
Looks like home to me
I'm dreaming again
Like I've always been
And way down low
I'm thinkin' of the prettiest thing"
~By Norah Jones ~