Sunday, May 20, 2007

Running into S..

Kooki.. Our kitty.. A mother cat now.. Have I ever mentioned her? Talking to a friend a couple of days ago brought it all back to me.. It's not that I forgot about her or something, she's always there in my pocket.. I see her everyday.. But talking about her is different.. She's not living with us anymore.. As it was found that the increase in our allergy was 'cuz of her! After having her for two years, we had to let go.. Let go! It isn't easy.. Never is & never will be..
Anyhow, that's the case with everything else.. Not the letting go part, but never forgetting.. It's those things that I can never forget.. Like that girl.. I can't remember if I talked about her earlier or not.. But anyways.. Here goes.. In the emergency room, I met this girl and her younger sister, who had those kinda bulging eyes.. I asked "what's her problem?" she said that her sis has a couple of pupils in each eye! And that she sees things multiplied!! She can't climb the stairs properly; as she actually can't see them as they are.. Same with people around here.. Things.. I never forgot that encounter! Months later, I ran into S (the elder sis) & it was weird; as I have talked about her sis to many people trying to make them appreciate what they have.. When I met her, I asked her about her sis & made sure they were better than that terrible state I saw them in.. And S told me that in India, there is this doctor who can help her see as the rest or us.. And they were planning to go there soon.. TODAY, as I was entering the prayer room to pray Asr, I saw a young lady sitting on the floor with her back to me.. I said assalamu alaikum, & asked her "did you already get to pray Asr, or wanna pray it along with me?" Then I look closely, and there she is.. S.. She was shocked & same was I! We didn't even exchange numbers & there we were again running into each other.. Maybe so that I tell you guys about her.. Or to remind myself and my family.. You know what happened to her li'l sis? They found out that there is no cure for her.. She can't do the operation; as they found that those pupils are connected to each lens & if she does the surgery she'll go blind.. Then they gave her some special eye glasses.. That give her headaches..
AlhamduliLah.. People of the world.. BE THANKFUL.. Cummon.. We gotta be thankful.. Some don't like their hair.. Or their whatever..
I'll never forget you girlly.. You're always in my prayers.. You & your family..
While I was in the hospital yesterday, I was thinking to myself while looking at the patients, at least all these people have means to go check on themselves or afford the medicines.. How about others who can't afford to see a doctor.. As an asthmatic, I always thought to myself, how do those poor asthmatics live without the inhaler.. Wish I can afford to give aaaaaaaaaaaaaall those poor asthmatics inhalers.. Wish.. Really wish.. Wish I can make a campaign that would help them.. I've always thought of it..
On the other hand, how about those who have the money of the world, but their diseases are incurable?! Like that li'l girl?!
Kooki.. I remember when I used to come home so sad & she would actually sense that and keep on roaming around my feet.. And then on my lap she goes.. So peacefully.. And wipe my pain away..
But it has to have a meaning right? Running into S? She was to leave the room in moments! SubhanAllah! I was meant to meet her & know about the sad news!


Anonymous said...

Hmm . . . . Human-interest story! You've got a good story line! Reunion--Mother Teresa Syndrome--Castaway Kitty--Blah-blah-blah! You'd write some good interactive fiction or novelette! But it'd be real tear-jerking! Anyway, that "campaign" idea isn't far-fetched! It's possible! You're mind-boggling Saroooooooooooo!

Rivi said...

Its been a while since I been on-line Sara. So much to read in your site. This is a touching story. Keep up living the right way...

Small Blue Thing said...

Sometimes I find myself wondering why this & why that & why there & why everything...

Hinduists believe in karma and always have. Sidharta the Buddha started his philosophy thinking "well, maybe this beggar deserves his karma for something he did before...

... but it's been MY karma to find him, so I have to do something to help".

What we believe _both of us, now, is not much different. Not easy, but it's something.

Remember that Allah sent us the fard of Zakat to make a difference. You can take the Zakat example to our daily actions. Feel them like Dawa, into you and to the rest of the world.

We can´t fix the whole world, Sara, but we can fix a little OUR own world. Learning to say goodbye, or farewell better... or even not to shout in anger one of the thousand times we'd like... I can't believe all that micro-actions are not micro-miracles. If weren't... shame on us.