Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I am a wife.. I am a mom.. It all happened so quick.. Met the guy of my dreams.. Fell in love.. Got married.. Became a wife.. And now a mom.. this pic you see up here is what I got mom a few years ago.. I was the li'l girl in the pic.. And now.. Now I'm both, the li'l girl; the daughter and the mommy.. How, when, where..... I dunno.. It's the hardest job I've ever had.. Being a mommy.. I've been so busy being a mom, that I forgot all about being me.. Or is being me being a mom.. Yeah, I guess that's it.. A new me, that involves being a mom.. I'm writing this for me, before anyone else.. To tell myself out loud hey, it's a new me.. A new Sara.. Umm Zeina.. In other words, Umm Noona :) I don't have to only be Umm Noona and forget about me, I can be both, me and Umm Noona.. It's a bigger blessing than I could imagine.. Alhamdulillah :)

Noona is now 15 months old mashaAllah.. And I'm starting to wake up, and have sometime to believe, see and do.. It hit me first time when she started a few days ago calling me "mama" and "mommy".. All the hard work came to a beautiful outcome.. WOW! I've been seriously taking it so seriously, especially that I've been raising her half the time on my own with her daddy being away (to make our lives better, may Allah bless him and keep him safe for us, amen), and all the time without the help of my mom.. I forget to take pics like I always wanted.. Missed recording her first words.. I've been so busy being busy with her.. Maybe I'm slow, but it's all I could do..

NOW.. Now I need to start over.. I need to lay back a bit, watch her, and enjoy her and do all the things I've always wanted to do.. How I wanna let her walk on the green grass and help her not being scared of it like me.. Wanna see her laugh and never fall ill.. She's had a good share of hospitals and being sick.. Oh Allah, please keep her safe for us, my flower, my baby, amen :)

How I miss reading, writing, taking pics, goin in the sun.. Is it just me, or are there moms just like me.. I pray I'd do what's right, all her way long, and let her be our road to heaven, a lovely flower in this world, making it a better place, amen :)

I've missed you bloggy.. Peace out :)

P.S. To the best mom ever, I wish to be like you, I know it's hard, but I'm trying.. Love you mommy! Tatu :) (Noona's way of saying thank you ;)