Friday, May 30, 2008

"El-luga Naseeb"

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Two beautiful words frequently said in this unique upper egyptian accent by the best giddo that the world has ever seen.. They mean “meeting is destined”.. Seeing someone is written & a part of fate, just like everything else is..

Coma, pace maker, melanoma, just a couple of words that have been coming right at me for the past couple of days, disturbing my inner peace, greatly.. It’s funny how you’d die to know what the next moment carries for you & when it comes, you find yourself not ready! Ready? who’s ready? I know the answer to that one.. It’s those who are good from the inside.. Who are deeply ‘good’ from their cores..

I stood in the balcony, flew higher & crossed the beautiful blue gulf waters while inhaling its salty essence flowing into the direction of God’s House thinking that this dream can actually come true, yet again.. I can actually reach there.. If only my sight can be that powerful so that I’d fill my heart with the beautiful sight of God’s majestic house only by looking its way..

Justice said that he does his job only for money.. That made me really sad.. What a loss! Learn from giddo Justice, between your hands is a very loving man, who spent his life loving without “a catch”..

Giddo is really sick, so please pray for him.. I believe in the power of your prayers brothers & sisters, that’s what God Has promised me.. Guys, do you really love God?

It’s pretty amazing witnessing the sun rise & set.. It has always come back, but how much more is she gonna carry on doing that, I wonder..

And oh, one more thing:

*Giddo is THE MAN*

Giddo is:

"mercy without boasting

gifts without terms

goodness without anger

forgive without reason"

~ By Outlandish ~

Monday, May 19, 2008

Gracias Dearest :')

This is too much dearest!
Thank you Ara :')
I love you <3

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Don't know what to do :@

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I really don't know what to do about this :@

I'm bleeding for her.. You see the harm befalling & you can't do nothing about it.. It feels so bad.. So bad.. It can happen to me, you know.. To anyone.. Get impressed by the fajr being prayed & the ongoing talks about the love of The Lord.. About how he wants to change the world & make it a better place & help the weak.. About how blue the sky is & how pretty the flowers are..

It's hard for me to believe that a person can be this bad! I heard of stories, but never saw one in front of my eyes! I'm bleeding for you dear.. And I can't do anything! I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry an angel like you has to go through this.. I'm so sorry :'( I wish there's something I could do.. I wish :@


P.S. I wonder if 'harm' came from 'haram'!

Friday, May 16, 2008

“L-L-Ladies Ladies”

“Tell me, where’d you get your body from?”

Come on, is that all you care about? How about my heart? You don’t wanna know where I got that one from? Not interested?

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My heart breaks when I see men staring at women.. You’d think I’m exaggerating, but by Allah I’m not! It really saddens me :( Let me explain it to you guys, I think it’s one of the hardest things to lower your gaze.. But come on.. For God’s sake.. You look so bad when you stare at her body.. you really do.. Just like a dog going after a poodle.. Please, whenever you find yourself gazing at a woman, remember that you’re eating from food that isn’t allowed for you to eat from.. Just like that apple..

Let me break it down for you..

Well, we (women) have the tender hearts.. I listened to this amazing talk by
Moez Masoud & I’d like to translate what he has said & share it here :)
"The prophet (pbuh) has said that we have more tendered hearts than the men have.. Now didn’t Allah say that he who goes to Him with “qalban saleem” healthy heart will be saved? The softer the heart is, the healthier & the closer it is to its pure instincts..
God’s Names are divided into three descriptive categories:
1. Al-Jalal (full of majesty): An example of this category is God’s name: The Majestic.. We shall be fearful of this attribute for instance & as well get attached to it..
2. Al-Jamal (full of beauty): An example of this category is God’s Name: The Most Loving.. We shall hope & ask for more when knowing of this attribute & try to be take from it & reflect it into our very selves..
3. Al-Kamal (all complete): An example of this category is God’s Name: The Most Just.. We shall believe in this without a doubt & strengthen our faith by knowing so..
Now here’s the cutest part.. Men are known to be having more of the first category by nature than women.. & women are born with the second type to be of their natural state.. Men should learn more on how to be of the second & women should live & try to adopt & live by growing on being more of the first.."

Ain’t that beautiful!

By you (man) staring at her body & checking where she got it from, your losing your instinctive qualities that make you a man.. And more importantly, you're missing on seeing the best part of her! And when she uses her outer beauty, she’s killing the best part of her.. Her heart..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I only * L O V E *

Whether the grass is greener on the other side or not, I hate walking on it! I’ve always been like that.. When I used to fall as a li’l girl while playing around, I’d, by all ways, try to get up while avoiding touching the grass with my hands! It’s crazy, I know! Grass frightens me! So all in all, I don’t care how green it is on the other side, & I never did.. All I do care about is to keep it as green as possible on my side, despite liking it or not..
Talking of green, I do this horrible thing to our beloved turtle every now & then & I’d like to apologize for it.. Well, when she hides in her shell to sleep, I think that she might be dead (‘cuz previously, our kooky (cat) killed our other turtle); so I basically fear for small little turtle & SHAKE its bowl & wake her up to check on her! But you’d think I SHOULD GET IT; we don’t have kooky no more.. WRONG! Our other turtle died without kooky being around.. I really love this turtle now & fear for it.. She’s so weak man.. Now here’s the big shock: I sometimes feel as vulnerable as her! I hide in my shell.. It’s black out there, can’t you see it? By the way, I sometimes do that (shaking) to my loved ones :( I shook someone recently so bad.. I only wanted to check on them, so is it bad shaking them sometimes a li'l hard? So sorry sweet li’l turtle & sorry my dearest one.. I shook you only ‘cuz I love you.. Only!

I had an asthma attack recently & the rub I got on my back by my dear sis was sooooooooo comforting! It gives me the strength of a sunny summer beam :)

"I Love You"

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He breaks her heart with his endless lies,
And avoids looking into her deep green eyes..

She comes close reminding him of their Lord,
And tells him time is short to reconsider his abode..

He still insists on his filthy whims,
And thinks there’s more time & lashes his fins..

And oh dear reader don’t think he’s dumb,
He prays & to the Lord’s house he’s gone..

How will her days end & how more can she bear,
And when will he wake up or won’t he ever care..

I wish I was able to lend her a heart,
& give him some faithfulness from my tiny mart..

But not all we wish for comes our way,
And staying unsoiled is wrong on this day..

It’s now very common to see big ones fib,
And not taking care of those coming of their ribs..

Little ones are walking down this road,
And tomorrow will be filled with all dirty codes..

I’m mad at him & all the rest of them,
For not seeing anything other than their stems..

I’m so scared of him, him & him,
And my fears are growing with every hair trim..

Will I grow older & deal with masks,
And bury my heart & live a life of tasks?

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Humma fein?

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Qeht-ur-Rijal is a beautiful post written by Stinger..

I'd like to add my voice to his: Qeht-ur-Rijal?

The answer is really sad..


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"Can I get an alhamdulillah?!"

HijabMan simply rocks! I completely love his perceptions, insights & enjoyed his "Can I get an alhamdulillah?!" idea so very much!
He said: "I’ve mentioned in the past that I wished to be an Imam of a mosque, and so I began on that path, deciding to live in Syria (with all of the HijabMan profits I had reveived thus far) for a little bit, in search of some sacred knowledge. If you can call self-knowledge sacred, well then that is what I found. I thought a lot about what I would be best suited for. We all have our own battles right? And we all have been blessed with a different set of skills to struggle through those battles."
Thank you HijabMan! Thank you for pointing out this fact: that we can call self-knowledge sacred! Thank you for asking: "Can I get an alhamdulillah?!".. I'd love to ask the same.. Can I get an alhamdulillah people? Alhamdulillah for it all? Alhamdulillah for still being here while saying it? Alhamdulillah for knowing how to say 'alhamdulillah'? Alhamdulillah for feeling 'alhamdulillah'? Can I get that please? Like get it right from your heart?

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Fiteera Mishalteta ;)

So, why do I think that reversing a car so fast is cute & parking it swiftly is a pretty thing to do? Can’t find the answer to that as yet!

In the hospital today I saw this li’l kid hitting his mom so bad, pulling her hair & laying on the floor not allowing her to come near him.. He was so mad at her for some reason & expressing his anger in this horrible way.. She started hitting him back & pulling him! You know honestly what I thought then? In fact, what I’ve been thinking for a while? There should be some ruling on NOT letting ANYONE have children! There has to be some kinda heartymeter measuring the credibility of one’s heart! But then again, I wouldn’t like for anyone to miss something like Hannah sleeping on their shoulder & clinging to them with her tiny hands & not letting go..

Just had a fiteera mishalteta (layered pie) & enjoyed it so much & thought, you know what? It’s like the people surrounding you, every layer is someone & each bite you take of everyone will leave something or the other in you.. And it’s all up to you to choose what you’re taking with that bite: powdered sugar, brown sugar, cheese, honey.. Aaaaaaaaaaaall up to you.. You choose what to have with each exquisite bite..

3 cups of flour
½ ts salt
1 ts of sugar
½ a glass of water & mix.. Keep on mixing it & add water if need be until its mild.. Leave it for like 15 minutes in the fridge & then divide this mixture evenly into 18 balls.. Sprinkle flour on the table & start rolling out each ball in a round shape that fits the pie pan you’re putting it in.. & after rolling out the first layer, put it in the pie pan & brush some butter on it & do the same with each layer.. Then finally, hold all the edges & fold them towards the center; making one big ball & then press on it (from the middle) so that again, the whole thing takes the shape of the container.. Then bake it (for about 40 minutes) until the crust is golden.. And then ENJOY.. And remember that people are like the fiteera mishalteta, so it’s up to you to choose what to have with it ;)

Thursday, May 01, 2008


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I've been suffering from this really bad headache for a while now.. I don't ever mind the physical pain & I always pray that it's a way for getting rid of heavy sins.. But sometimes, it's just too much.. I sometimes envy people with 'free heads'.. Free of pain & worry.. But this very headache is so strong.. Man, why is the air so heavy now? I think I've had enough for today!