Thursday, May 15, 2008

"I Love You"

(picture's source)


He breaks her heart with his endless lies,
And avoids looking into her deep green eyes..

She comes close reminding him of their Lord,
And tells him time is short to reconsider his abode..

He still insists on his filthy whims,
And thinks there’s more time & lashes his fins..

And oh dear reader don’t think he’s dumb,
He prays & to the Lord’s house he’s gone..

How will her days end & how more can she bear,
And when will he wake up or won’t he ever care..

I wish I was able to lend her a heart,
& give him some faithfulness from my tiny mart..

But not all we wish for comes our way,
And staying unsoiled is wrong on this day..

It’s now very common to see big ones fib,
And not taking care of those coming of their ribs..

Little ones are walking down this road,
And tomorrow will be filled with all dirty codes..

I’m mad at him & all the rest of them,
For not seeing anything other than their stems..

I’m so scared of him, him & him,
And my fears are growing with every hair trim..

Will I grow older & deal with masks,
And bury my heart & live a life of tasks?


Stinger said...

More of male bashing. :P

sara said...


Qwaider قويدر said...

She's only feeling blue
Cause she's in fact YOU!

Cheer up little one!!
Life is too short to be sad anyone!

sara said...

I was talkin about the lady,
with the peas-like eyes..

And her daily struggle,
with her man & his endless lies..

I'm blue,
but that's a different fact..

And I think I've sadly failed,
to hapen to understand YOU :(

ReceptiveGuy said...

gre8 sense u've got miss
i liked the rhythms, u got them nicely done
i was attached by the words titled ur blog else i woulnd't have read the post
i remember them from the song aicha
she needs somebody to lean on,
someone body, mind and soul
gud job truly :)

sara said...


You have no idea how much this means to me,
Your honesty & truthfulness that you've expressed to me..

I'm honored to have you note down,
your impression & relation to aisha's song pound..

Thanks & may Allah give me what I need,
Along with all those ones that are good indeed..


Maryam said...

Its beautifully written Sara, Soo many women in this worldexperience the harsh and crude side of a Male, They must have clearly identified themselves with this poem of yours.

Loved this line most - "But not all we wish for comes our way,
And staying unsoiled is wrong on this day"
Its BEAUTIFUL sara, B E A U T I F U L ... :-)

sara said...

Thank you dear.. That was so sweet of you..

And sadly a lotta women can relate to that.. A lotta sweet loving warm women :(