Sunday, May 18, 2008

Don't know what to do :@

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I really don't know what to do about this :@

I'm bleeding for her.. You see the harm befalling & you can't do nothing about it.. It feels so bad.. So bad.. It can happen to me, you know.. To anyone.. Get impressed by the fajr being prayed & the ongoing talks about the love of The Lord.. About how he wants to change the world & make it a better place & help the weak.. About how blue the sky is & how pretty the flowers are..

It's hard for me to believe that a person can be this bad! I heard of stories, but never saw one in front of my eyes! I'm bleeding for you dear.. And I can't do anything! I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry an angel like you has to go through this.. I'm so sorry :'( I wish there's something I could do.. I wish :@


P.S. I wonder if 'harm' came from 'haram'!


Jawwad said...

Assalam 0 ALLikum
yes .. here i go.. back after long time in blogging.. good to c you still blogging...

sara said...

Alaikum assalam,

good to see you around..

Jawwad said...

thank you :) .. so what else ? howz blogging?

sara said...

it's my heart out <3

Gold said...

Good day,

There is no general rule about this i presume.. if its gonna happen to anyone then its gonna happen.. u can't open one's heart out and see what he really thinks and what he really wants.. talking is one thing, and actually doing is a totally different story..

Can't say anything more than that i wish such situations end in the hearts sooner than they appeared, its a hairy situation alright and no one wants to be there!

May Allah guide us all towards what comforts us.. Amen

sara said...

I'm so scared :(


Jawwad said...

just reading your post from your blog which i missed.. need an advice how i will get my passion back for blogging for writing for reading...

sara said...

Well Mr. Jawwad,

You need to set your intentions.. First know why you wanna blog.. And then you're ready to go.. Simple as that!

And all the best of you to you & to the world :)

Anonymous said...

hey sara...
i was just wondering if u like photgraphy or no...
each post of urz has an image to it...why dont u start clicking and have your own pictures( ur own photography) u'll enjoy it more!:D
good luck!

sara said...

Well, I'M SOOOOOOOO into photography.. And I do take photographs.. I startd with flickr & was joining groups & then they blocked it here in the U.A.E. :( I got discourged.. But I still do take & feel lazy of processing..

So inshaAllah soon, I'll be able to go back to flickr & share more work here (bloggy) & there (flickr)..

Thanks for the remark :D

I also love sharing what others see with there eyes.. Very artistic people I tell ya :)

Veiled Muslimah said...

assalam alaykum,

Whatever happens, happens for the best insha'alla. May Allah swt make it easy for her. Ameen.

BTW, If you you use firfox [mozilla] and add the add-on from the site which bypasses proxy for flickr, you could use it to get back on flickr. :p

It's very easy. Let me know if you need to know how to do it.

sara said...

Alaiky assalam miss :)


If only you know how sucky I am in electronics you'd laugh & wouldn't believe that i am a blogger!


I'll be leaving Abu Dhabi soon & will be able to access flickr :D

Thanks a million VM :)

Veiled Muslimah said...

Lol, No actually I know a few other girls who can't function with computers. ;) I think they're actually worse then you are [And I'm sure you're not worse at all, if you're blogging].

Out of curiosity, where you flying off too? [You dont have to say it if its a privacy issue, i can understand, this is the net afterall] Have a safe trip inshallah!

Keep me in your duas.


sara said...


TO CANADA.. I'll pray for you while flying VM.. Promise!


p.s. plz pray for me & my folks whenever :)

asma said...

Prayers for you .. may Allah be always with you in good and worst.

And gimme the flickr link .. I'm such a flickriite :)

sara said...



And you give me yours please.. i can't wait to se your work :)