Friday, May 30, 2008

"El-luga Naseeb"

(illustration's source)


Two beautiful words frequently said in this unique upper egyptian accent by the best giddo that the world has ever seen.. They mean “meeting is destined”.. Seeing someone is written & a part of fate, just like everything else is..

Coma, pace maker, melanoma, just a couple of words that have been coming right at me for the past couple of days, disturbing my inner peace, greatly.. It’s funny how you’d die to know what the next moment carries for you & when it comes, you find yourself not ready! Ready? who’s ready? I know the answer to that one.. It’s those who are good from the inside.. Who are deeply ‘good’ from their cores..

I stood in the balcony, flew higher & crossed the beautiful blue gulf waters while inhaling its salty essence flowing into the direction of God’s House thinking that this dream can actually come true, yet again.. I can actually reach there.. If only my sight can be that powerful so that I’d fill my heart with the beautiful sight of God’s majestic house only by looking its way..

Justice said that he does his job only for money.. That made me really sad.. What a loss! Learn from giddo Justice, between your hands is a very loving man, who spent his life loving without “a catch”..

Giddo is really sick, so please pray for him.. I believe in the power of your prayers brothers & sisters, that’s what God Has promised me.. Guys, do you really love God?

It’s pretty amazing witnessing the sun rise & set.. It has always come back, but how much more is she gonna carry on doing that, I wonder..

And oh, one more thing:

*Giddo is THE MAN*

Giddo is:

"mercy without boasting

gifts without terms

goodness without anger

forgive without reason"

~ By Outlandish ~


Maqsood Qureshi said...

Saroo: Praying for Giddo. Praying for other Grandpa. Earnestly. Stay okay. Please.

Veiled Muslimah said...

May Allah give him shifaa. Ameen. He sounds like the awesomest grandpa ever, masha'allah. Keep strong hun. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Giddo. :(

sara said...

That means a lot.. Thanks VM.. :'(

mayG said...

hang in there Sara, sending over a biig hug for you and prayers for your Giddo..
oh and a little something to cheer you up...

sara said...

You have no idea how beautifully you have just hugged my li'l sad heart :) You gave it a REAL smile that simply lifts the spirit :')

I love you, your daughter & all your sweet loving people <3

Thanks for letting me taste something so sweet in the midst of some really sour days..

I love you & I'm forever thankful :)

Anonymous said...

Salaam my dear Sara,

I hope you are fine.I am really sorry for your grandfather.Be strong and have faith,as God is always with us.I know it must not be always easy to be a strong girl,but I know you will manage everything good.Be with your grandfather as much as you can.That will make him and you feel better.You both are in my prayers.
Common girl,give me that little smile of yours and tell me how is the weather over there ;).

I send you a hug and...many mwahs :)...

God bless you!

sara said...

Salam dearest Natasha :)

I hope I'll be fine too.. It's kinda hard fighting all the time.. Fighting & fighting while its all goin the other way..

You passing by & giving me your mwahs & smiles means the world <3

And well, the weather here must be hotter than it is in Ankaran..

A big sad hug back & I pray tomorrow will be a better one.. Amen :)

God bless :)

Gold said...

It should be.. i mean today when u look back at this post/comment, u can see that it has become a better day already inshaAllah..

because this is what we expect from Allah.. under His domain of will..

May Allah have mercy on our souls in this life and the next

sara said...


I always know that the best of every moment is mine.. But like right now, it's a li'l hard.. And a li'l worse :(

Pray for us please Abdo..