Monday, February 05, 2007

Giddo :)

I remember how stunning the world seemed seeing it while sitting on his shoulders, playing with his half bald head..
I remember how safe it felt when he’d hold my tiny little hand so mildly & so firmly..
I remember how fun it was jumping and flipping on the trampoline while he’d watch me smiling and never asking me to stop..
I recall how strong he was carrying all those plastic bags containing all different types of fresh groceries.. Milk, meat, fruits, and so forth.. He’d carry them ALL with one hand and hold me with the other..
But nothing ever stays the same.. Ever!! He grows older.. And his heart gets bigger.. But not strong enough to take it all.. So he undergoes an open heart surgery.. And then.. FORGETS.. Gets moments of unbalance.. Up And down.. A day he’d tell me about all different details.. About how unfair presidents of the world are, how indifferent Muslims have become.. The next he won’t remember!! “What are these over there on the table sara?” “They’re pears giddo” “what do we do with them?”.. A couple of days ago I explained to him about the internet.. About blogging and what not.. I told him “why don’t you start writing anything, & I’ll translate it and post it for you.. You have a great experience in life and it would help many others see better..” Guess what he said? He went like: “how about we make a blog where we collect money for the poor and needy people I know?” I told him “grandpa, no one would trust us, why would someone give money to people they don’t know, they would go to big organizations like the red crescent..” he got upset: “I never fooled anyone, why would they think that?!”.. Oh grandpa, I wish everyone was like you.. Nothing ever stays the same.. You won’t stay that good-looking.. You won’t carry on this powerful.. You won’t be this you forever.. You will change.. Have a good heart, ‘cuz that’s what you’re taking with you.. Even if it doesn’t pump blood as strong as it used to, it’ll definitely pump the love it took along for years.. May Allah,The Subtle One, The Benevolent, The Loving One purify our hearts, and cleanse them from any atom’s weight of pride.. Amen.
PS. plz pray for him.. May Allah bless him with a happy ending.. Amen. And pray for my other grandpa who's hopefully in heaven now.. Pray for all the dead.. And ask Allah to bless you with kids, or good people who pray for you after you pass away.. Or good deeds that continue & multiply forever.. Or invent something good (sunna hasana) that would be there for you on the day where you'd be.. Be pleased insha'Allah..


Wedding1st said...

Hi, I was browsing the Web and came accross your site. I am pretty new to blogging and everything but it seems pretty fun. Great blog. Well, keep on blogging!



Anonymous said...

May Allah bless him & all of us with a happy ending. May Allah give him more patience.

It has been a long time since I last blogged. Hope you are fine & doing great inshallah :-)

Anonymous said...

salam, mashallah great blog sista keep it going, wassalam.