Monday, February 19, 2007

Not Anything?

He said:
“I'm not sure that I could do anything, but I do know that I wouldn't sit back and regret not trying.”

Well, it touched me.. Big time (something like 200 hours or so.. :) Well this is what we say when we say ‘big time’.. any number of hours.. LOL ).. No really.. It reminded me of what I always say.. But at times don’t do.. Why? Maybe ‘cuz of some stupid traditions that aren’t connected to Allah’s commandments whatsoever!! Hey, listen, you gotta do what you gotta do.. As long as you’re soul is still given to you, then you can still try.. Until you do it(thing) before you die or die trying to.. Don’t you dare telling me there’s nothing left to do.. There is always a way.. Don’t let them stupid norms stop you.. As long as you’re pleasing Allah by doing it, then so be it.. Allah gives you whatever you want but in the way He desires, and at the time he wishes for.. IT’S YOUR CALL..
Who cares about people.. Those very same people won’t give a damn if you fall.. I met one of those people yesterday.. “Walaikum salam.. So, how we doing today - - - umm, what’s your name again? Oh sara.. I see I see.. well, so how old are you? Oh great great.. So where did you study? Oh wow, American university.. Way to go way to go.. So......” And so goes the ignorance.. From generation to another.. Weighing up people according to their ‘materialistic achievements’.. You too do it.. Don’t tell me you don’t.. And praise the Lord, I don’t.. I swear I don’t.. Not because I’m ‘great’, or so clued-up.. Basically it’s because I was fortunate enough to come from a very very mixed society.. Everybody was different from everybody.. Different languages, norms, religions and so forth.. So generalizing was never applicable.. You respect everybody ‘cuz of their being.. You’ve got nothing to lose.. And even if you have something to lose, It will be given back to you.. Even much better.. And that is in CASE IT WAS FOR & WHILE PLEASING HIM.. YOUR CREATOR.. You’ve got your brain.. Your health.. Oh God.. This guy.. OHHHHH.. Just like any of us, He had two eyes.. I don’t really know what happened.. But he lost them.. And as he’s broke; he’s thinking of selling his kidney for getting one cornea!! We’re so blessed people..

So are we okay with trying? With: “I'm not sure that I could do anything, but I do know that I wouldn't sit back and regret not trying.” ?? Not
only do I want us to be cool with it, but rather do it.. So have we got ourselves a deal?? If so, then we gotta move on to the next important point.. And that would be waiting..
"PATIENCE" (I released that patience isn’t having to wait.. It's when you have more than one option (other than waiting) and you choose to wait..) Let me put my words into action.. It’s like parking your car.. You drive & then you see a free space that isn’t for parking, & then you park over there.. If you’d have had a little more patience and drove along for a while, with the intention of being fair to others’ rights, maybe Allah would have granted you a better, more spacious place.. You think to yourself, “but it’s close by, police won’t come checking on ME TODAY!!” Well, it’s not police.. It’s The One Watching you.. Have mercy on others; so that Allah would have mercy on you.. Be fair in your choices & DO IT RIGHT & see how great things will turn out to be.. It's not that I'm promising you anything.. It's at least: “I do know that I wouldn't sit back and regret not trying.” Don't lose grip.. And don't fall for "first thought is the right one"..
PS. Ms Grey, I know I'm 4 days older than you, but egyptians say, if a person is a day older than you, then they know a year ahead of you.. ;) & you can do the math ; P


Tu s. Tin said...

excellent post.
.... not that the others before it arent as well ;).
the photo at top is strangly soothing, is it yours? and what is it? I'm not sure I liked mr ravens new music playing today ...but I see someone has left words of encouragment and support for him, maybe it will change.
What was that word/name you told me?
defender of innocents or something?

sara said...

"excellent post." Why?

& the photo isn't mine.. Click on it & you'll find it's owner.. It's a 'circle of light'!

Change what in him? Someone who?

You lost me, what word seniorita?!

sara said...

"This shot actually isn't all that different from its color version. This is the base of a lamp looking through to the blinds on the window. It was a black lap, black/dark brown shades, so really the color version was the same.

I just really liked the way the light played on the curved base. It looks like the jpg compression killed the smooth graduations into the deep shadows, but you get the idea."