Thursday, March 04, 2010

"Choux Pastry Heart"


Wanna know why they wrap those buckets around the tree trunks or hang them from the tree branches? And who does it? Always wondered!

It's always nice to start my day with the ocean's sight.. Breathing it all in with each day's different smell.. Wondering what the day has for me in store as I sip over and over again the sweetened coffee flavor that puts me through the days.. Thinking of what has passed and yet to come, as I stand still, dreaming of uniting the best of yesterday and today in tomorrow..

With fast steps, that turn to leaps, I float over those moments that make it almost impossible to breathe.. I run back and forth thinking of how to reach that 'pausing' mode that would stop it all for a second.. Just one single moment.. And when that moment comes, I catch my breath, and continue with my walk, run, life......

It's pretty amazing how we all breathe differently.. It's all breathing I know, but differs.. Same air, yes.. But different taste for each soul to inhale.. I sometimes wonder, where exactly is my heart.. It sank so many times! If that's right, then what's that noise?! Is it my heartbeats, or just some beeps..

Goldy told me to "expect the unexpected" today, and a minute later he scared me to death with a scream from behind the door and said: "Didn't I tell you miss to expect the unexpected?" :) They always teach me those li'l ones! Treat me like a student.. It's me :$ I always sit in their seats and ask them to go "up there" and be "the teacher".. If I had a say in this, I'd say we're all teachers and learners.. We'll never get it all.. We won't.. And I truly believe that in our hunts, we need to be fairly tranquil & content, for it will help make the hunt more fun and the goals tastier :)

Peace out to all of you hunters out there, and especially my Hunt Club and Riverside folks ;)

(: Bless your hearts :)