Monday, January 25, 2010

Where's my mug?

What's the matter with me, been so hooked on John Mayer's lyrics lately! The wordings just hit me like that! WoW!
So, a colleague of mine was telling me
today about how bad she feels for not holding God's Book for once since the holy month of Ramadan.. She misses "God" she says, and needs someone to help her with that.. On our daily conscience and sub-conscience search of God, we seek tranquility, but sometimes, we stumble on the way.. No matter how firm we are, we do fall back every now & then.. However, we should have faith in "rolling back on".. If we cry over our fall, we'll never rise up, or so I believe.. Do we really know ourselves? I surprise myself sometimes.. Are we easily read, or special magnifiers are needed for that...... On my (exam) correction process now, I realized that I could tell who's paper it is without reading their names! So if a few scribbles tell who one is, why can't we sometimes read ourselves?
(: Peace out :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

*Sprained Ankle*

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Piece of advice: When you sprain your ankle, please don't run! Or you'll end up weaker than you already are! Trust me we are so powerless, it's not even funny!

Two days ago, someone lost their temper so bad & flared up.. I couldn't control the situation and was very upset.. Don't you think it's unfair to "us" before others when loosing it? Why do we have to make ourselves smaller than we already are?

















18 / 7


So I was thinking, I sleep around 6 hours everyday, and the rest 18 hours are NEVER enough, so why is that? Will I ever live a day without being rushed into doing every single thing? Is it me or the time? God guys, we'll be asked for each moment, are we doing good enough? Are we good enough? For life? I wonder......

(: Blessed Friday to y'all :)


This string man's secret lies here ;)

Blessed for teaching <3


What would you do when Booboo tells you he's forgotten his school bag back at home, laughs & starts singing? What would you do when cute li'l R. writes you a "thank you for nothing" note? What would you do when Mo paints you a "sunshine"?

You should humble down & praise your Lord :D

Your student-teacher,

miss sara <3

Monday, January 18, 2010

~ possessives ~


Second year in a row teaching them how to use them possessive nouns.. And man am I lost! I get so lost in between those apostrophes and Ss; for what do we possess? Can anyone answer that? Tell me one thing that you possess?

And tell me why do I miss my kitty?

And why are roses so pretty?

Why are distances so big?

And how can one fix a broken rig?

How would I know it's okay?

And why do we have to be so far away?

Where can togetherness be found?

And when will it be peaceful with no sound?

When will Earth stop roaring?

And when will people start caring?

How will hearts come to life?

And why are we scared to fall in love?

When will we stop spinning around?

And why do we all know how to hound?

When will I meet with my true felicity?

And please answer knighty; he's asking: "what is gravity?"


S i n g i n g :

"Gravity, is working against me,

And gravity, wants to bring me down..

Oh I'll never know, what makes this man,

With all the love, that his heart can stand,

Dream of ways, to throw it all away..

Oh twice as much, ain't twice as good,

And can't sustain, like one half could,

It's wanting more, that's gonna send me to my knees..

Oh gravity, stay the hell away from me,

Oh gravity, has taken better men than me,

Now how can that be?

Just keep me where the light is.."

~ John Mayer ~

Saturday, January 09, 2010


In the eyes of who?


Remember Boby? I still have the honor of teaching him, benefiting & gaining more from him, than adding to him! Oh dear, how I love him! He is one of a kind! A truly unique creation of God!

Lately, I've been having issues to deal with & the worst thing about that is the way it affects me; I don't have the ability of pretending anything: I'm not fine, YOU SEE IT! And this is a nightmare if your job requires dealing with others; cuz it'll clearly affect the others that you deal with, whether you like it or not!

And as a teacher, my li'l angels have been noticing the change in me: "Miss, what's wrong?".. "Nothing honey, can't you see me smile :)".. "No miss, it's not coming from here *and they point to their hearts*".. Their vision is so clear, that it'd scare you! I hate myself for not being happy for them.. I just can't seem to give like I used to.. I've been on the edge & can't stand anything! And worst of all, distracted! Dunno where to go or what to want anymore! And through these hard times, I try hard to contain my sorrow & be me, but can't..


So, just now, I was going through a drop quiz that I gave the kids at the end of the week, & didn't have time to check it in school.. And after checking it I realised: I NEED TO STAY GROUNDED! I need to remember MY PURPOSE & stay focused.. And I only can know how to.. I still didn't figure that out yet, but Boby just said something that I HAD TO SHARE!

If you look at the attached photo of Boby's answers, you'll see a beauty of a lifetime.. As I said, I gave them a drop quiz, and wasn't feeling good in class, and they were upset because of that.. So I decided to block away all my negativity, and play with them.. Since we had taken Arab countries' flags, I told them get a piece of paper out & answer my questions (supposedly on flags, but those questions just came out like that!):

1. Who's the most person you love on Earth?

2. If you were to live on an island, what are the 3 things that you'd take with you?

3. If you can color the sky, what color would you pick?

4. Draw the flag of Jordan.

5. Pick: island / jungle!

6. What would you wear for the rest of your life?

7. If you have one hour left for the END OF TIME, what would you want to do?

8. Draw the flag of Bahrain.

And the kids had their mouths wide open all through that weird drop quiz and gave me the "look": She must have lost her mind.. As I was collecting their sheets, they were asking: "will this be marked", and I said I'll see ;)

And looking at Boby's answer for 1, I couldn't hold my tears! He loves me this much! What do I do then! Do I deserve his love! You see, Boby and I have always had this connection.. And lately, he came to school with all these bruises and didn't tell me why! He said "you won't bear knowing why!" But he told Miss H & she told me it was 'cuz of his dad.. He's beaten the hell out of him & had no mercy! And the reason was: for sucking his thumb while sleeping! *No words to put here!*

Anyways, moving on to number 7!!!!!!! Gosh! THIS KID IS SOMETHING, AIN'T HE! All the other kids said stuff like: "playing on the computer, praying, talking to the people I love......" But Boby said: "Be a good man for God!" He didn't say be a good man.. He said:







How adorable is that! For God.. Not for miss sara, not for mom, not for dad, FOR GOD! Please note that this quiz took a couple of moments! I was so quick to let their hearts out and not give them a chance to think!

I'm done!

Praise The Lord for Creating you & bringing you to my life Boby <3

Friday, January 01, 2010

Carl <3 Ellie

For The Love <3



How can you say no!

He only likes her when she gives him cookies :(

"See you on real!!"

Respected brothers & sisters,
How are you all doing? I hope everyone reading this & not reading this would be feeling good today and having all good wishes and plans for 2010 :)
I wanted to start this year with this lovely letter written by one of my kids to daddy on his return :) I just wish we can all learn from kids! They're so tender & giving to an unbelievable extent! Their joy comes always with/for others and that on its own is a solution to many serious issues present in our world today..
I learned in the past couple of months how to BE WHERE I AM! Know what that means? It means wherever you are is for sure where you should be, with all your senses.. It'll make life a lot easier.. I learned that wherever I am is a lovely place, simply 'cuz it's what I got and what's in my hands.. Over-spending time in fighting this fact, or whining over it, or denying it, or acting otherwise, WILL NOT, and I repeat: WILL NOT HELP ME! I need to LOVE where I am, LIVE it and ENJOY being there.. Now I KNOW it's hard at first, but trust me, it's worth the try :)
I was thinking last night of how people see one another, and how hard people have been on each other and how their viewing has been coming from criticism, and only from criticism.. You know how we can go around that, when there isn't even a way to the right, left, front, or back? By using our wings! I believe each and every one of us owns a pair of wings that they can use to fly up high.. To view from up above.. To open up perspectives.. To: "SEE THINGS ON REAL!!" like li'l Ahmad said.. Seeing things "on real" is a difficult theory to practice, but again, it'll make life way easier!
I wish us truth.. Truth to who we are, where we choose to go & where we wanna put end to things..
T R U T H ~~~~=~~~~ F R E E D O M
H a p p y S e e i n g : )