Monday, January 25, 2010

Where's my mug?

What's the matter with me, been so hooked on John Mayer's lyrics lately! The wordings just hit me like that! WoW!
So, a colleague of mine was telling me
today about how bad she feels for not holding God's Book for once since the holy month of Ramadan.. She misses "God" she says, and needs someone to help her with that.. On our daily conscience and sub-conscience search of God, we seek tranquility, but sometimes, we stumble on the way.. No matter how firm we are, we do fall back every now & then.. However, we should have faith in "rolling back on".. If we cry over our fall, we'll never rise up, or so I believe.. Do we really know ourselves? I surprise myself sometimes.. Are we easily read, or special magnifiers are needed for that...... On my (exam) correction process now, I realized that I could tell who's paper it is without reading their names! So if a few scribbles tell who one is, why can't we sometimes read ourselves?
(: Peace out :)


Ahmad Abdelraziq said...

Very inspiring Sara! keep it up.

Hafsa said...

Thank you for this beautiful reminder! May Allah Bless you =)

sara said...

Thanks & God bless!