Saturday, January 09, 2010

In the eyes of who?


Remember Boby? I still have the honor of teaching him, benefiting & gaining more from him, than adding to him! Oh dear, how I love him! He is one of a kind! A truly unique creation of God!

Lately, I've been having issues to deal with & the worst thing about that is the way it affects me; I don't have the ability of pretending anything: I'm not fine, YOU SEE IT! And this is a nightmare if your job requires dealing with others; cuz it'll clearly affect the others that you deal with, whether you like it or not!

And as a teacher, my li'l angels have been noticing the change in me: "Miss, what's wrong?".. "Nothing honey, can't you see me smile :)".. "No miss, it's not coming from here *and they point to their hearts*".. Their vision is so clear, that it'd scare you! I hate myself for not being happy for them.. I just can't seem to give like I used to.. I've been on the edge & can't stand anything! And worst of all, distracted! Dunno where to go or what to want anymore! And through these hard times, I try hard to contain my sorrow & be me, but can't..


So, just now, I was going through a drop quiz that I gave the kids at the end of the week, & didn't have time to check it in school.. And after checking it I realised: I NEED TO STAY GROUNDED! I need to remember MY PURPOSE & stay focused.. And I only can know how to.. I still didn't figure that out yet, but Boby just said something that I HAD TO SHARE!

If you look at the attached photo of Boby's answers, you'll see a beauty of a lifetime.. As I said, I gave them a drop quiz, and wasn't feeling good in class, and they were upset because of that.. So I decided to block away all my negativity, and play with them.. Since we had taken Arab countries' flags, I told them get a piece of paper out & answer my questions (supposedly on flags, but those questions just came out like that!):

1. Who's the most person you love on Earth?

2. If you were to live on an island, what are the 3 things that you'd take with you?

3. If you can color the sky, what color would you pick?

4. Draw the flag of Jordan.

5. Pick: island / jungle!

6. What would you wear for the rest of your life?

7. If you have one hour left for the END OF TIME, what would you want to do?

8. Draw the flag of Bahrain.

And the kids had their mouths wide open all through that weird drop quiz and gave me the "look": She must have lost her mind.. As I was collecting their sheets, they were asking: "will this be marked", and I said I'll see ;)

And looking at Boby's answer for 1, I couldn't hold my tears! He loves me this much! What do I do then! Do I deserve his love! You see, Boby and I have always had this connection.. And lately, he came to school with all these bruises and didn't tell me why! He said "you won't bear knowing why!" But he told Miss H & she told me it was 'cuz of his dad.. He's beaten the hell out of him & had no mercy! And the reason was: for sucking his thumb while sleeping! *No words to put here!*

Anyways, moving on to number 7!!!!!!! Gosh! THIS KID IS SOMETHING, AIN'T HE! All the other kids said stuff like: "playing on the computer, praying, talking to the people I love......" But Boby said: "Be a good man for God!" He didn't say be a good man.. He said:







How adorable is that! For God.. Not for miss sara, not for mom, not for dad, FOR GOD! Please note that this quiz took a couple of moments! I was so quick to let their hearts out and not give them a chance to think!

I'm done!

Praise The Lord for Creating you & bringing you to my life Boby <3


Anonymous said...

really sentimentle.........

may we all become good FOR GOD...FOR OUR DEAR ALLAH......Ameen.

plz do tell ur student that u love him n also encourage him by saying that u r really inspired by wt he said......
u know it matters A Lot... bcoz love demands expression...not only in in showing gestures of care n concern...practically...

hope u wd reply... once u knew me....we used to exchange mails... masuma fatima.

sara said...

Hello there :)

I did so :)

Thanks a lot for passing by :)