Monday, January 18, 2010

~ possessives ~


Second year in a row teaching them how to use them possessive nouns.. And man am I lost! I get so lost in between those apostrophes and Ss; for what do we possess? Can anyone answer that? Tell me one thing that you possess?

And tell me why do I miss my kitty?

And why are roses so pretty?

Why are distances so big?

And how can one fix a broken rig?

How would I know it's okay?

And why do we have to be so far away?

Where can togetherness be found?

And when will it be peaceful with no sound?

When will Earth stop roaring?

And when will people start caring?

How will hearts come to life?

And why are we scared to fall in love?

When will we stop spinning around?

And why do we all know how to hound?

When will I meet with my true felicity?

And please answer knighty; he's asking: "what is gravity?"


S i n g i n g :

"Gravity, is working against me,

And gravity, wants to bring me down..

Oh I'll never know, what makes this man,

With all the love, that his heart can stand,

Dream of ways, to throw it all away..

Oh twice as much, ain't twice as good,

And can't sustain, like one half could,

It's wanting more, that's gonna send me to my knees..

Oh gravity, stay the hell away from me,

Oh gravity, has taken better men than me,

Now how can that be?

Just keep me where the light is.."

~ John Mayer ~

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