Saturday, February 28, 2009

missing you sis <3

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"Both on one sampler, sitting on one cushion,

Both warbling of one song, both in one key,

As if our hands, our sides, voices and minds,

Had been incorporate. So we grow together,

Like to a double cherry, seeming parted,

But yet an union in partition;

Two lovely berries moulded on one stem;

So, with two seeming bodies, but one heart;

Two of the first, like coats in heraldry,

Due but to one and crowned with one crest."


~ By William Shakespeare ~


I've been tagged by Jasmina :) The rules for this tag are:

1) Find your fifth photo file folder, then the fifth photo in that file folder.
2) Post the picture on your blog.
3) Tag five other bloggers to do the same.

So here's what I found:

This is St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral, a beautifully built church near our house in Ottawa that I fell in love with (structure wise).. I planned to visit this church, but never got the chance to.. I love churches' structures in general! Oh God, in Cairo, there are these wonderful churches that are very charming to the eye.. And mosques, castles, palaces, & old houses too.. Oh how I LOVE old structures with high ceilings.. And how I love people who stand just like those old structures, strong & fearless.. Not caring about how strong the wind will be or how cold or hot it might get.. They just stand tall facing all that comes their way..

I was just discussing the matter of dealing & trusting people of different beliefs last night.. I thank God for being raised in a family & in a place where there are no limits to relationships between people coming from TOTALLY different backgrounds.. It opens your heart & mind to all beautiful possibilities that make our world a better one.. FOR REAL! I personally, have always been with people who come from different cultures & belief systems & enjoyed the similarities we have in common & learned from our differences.. I wish more people could understand the beauty of "KNOWING ONE ANOTHER" as The Lord of the worlds says..


And now, I'll tag:

His Sweeetheart


Princess N

Restful Rain





"I love the language of faiths. It makes me closer to God, my Lord. Learning about other truths has made my own Truth much clearer and dearer to me. My experiences has lead me beyond the bounds of tolerance to embrace the true meaning of pluralism in our society." ~By Organica ~

Monday, February 23, 2009

Y o u ' r e B e a u t i f u l !

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(Earlier today in school)

me (while almost throwing up): "Mrs. J, that classroom's smell is unbearable, you gotta do something about that carpet! And......"

Mrs. J (in a serious way): "Sara!"

me: "Yes?"


me: "awwwwwwwww, thanks! But......"



(Later on today, in the mall)

me: "Do you have this cardigan in other sizes, like do you guys have a store here or something? Could you please check for me?"

shop girl: "You look so beautiful ma'am!"

me: "Awwwwww, thanks.."

shop girl: "No, really, you do!"


I mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What? It's all God's creation, & alhamdulilLah for granting me all I have, I'm not a part of it whatsoever, but this is not what I mean to bring up here.. All I want to discuss here is the "eye" that people see each other with! I wasn't 'dressed up', feeling happy, or acting sweet! Mrs. J has been seeing me almost 5 days weekly since last September & never said anything personal to me, it has always been so formal between us! And that shop girl! Well, I was sooooooooooooooooo worn out & didn't want to go shopping AT ALL in the first place! How do people see one another, I wonder! I mean, really? I see people looking bright when their heart 'feels' clear to me.. Or their inner peace is flowing from their inside out! I have been sooooooo stressed out lately with all the pressures that have been surrounding me! How did I look beautiful to them today?! I don't think that people actually SEE each other anymore! I think everyone sees what they want to see & that's all! I think that no one bothers looking, really LOOKING anymore.. My problem is that I actually do LOOK! Again, I wish I didn't feel too much! It would have been waaaaaay easier for me!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

5 weeks.....


I haven’t read a word from that book ever since! That tiny leaf that flew right into my book from that cold tree stopped my tick tocks & folded lots of thoughts with it.. I found it hard to “flip the page” afterwards..

I’ve been having lotta flashbacks lately! Things pass by so fast, just like my fast driving (I know :$ ), but with me, they last forever.. It’s nice to have someone stop you every now & then & hold you close & tell you to take it easy :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009




~ Unfinished Pages ~

I really wanted him to finish off what he started writing.. He’s too weak now to tell the world his story.. He needs now more than he gives, unlike how he’s lived his entire life! I wonder if the pain is all he feels or if there is any room left for more! His illness is a killer, & no one can do anything about it! I wish I can just look it in the eye & tell it to get out of our lives & let him be.. And if it won’t, I wish I would have to fight it instead of him & let him continue with what he started.. I wish I can give him of my skin, my willpower, my heart, my mind, but he just can’t take no more! What would he have done if he’d have known that all this was going to befall him? What difference would knowing about this have in his journey? I wish so many things right now, but what would my wishing do to his misery?
Habeeby giddo,
You mean so much to me, & I’d love to be you in so many ways.. I’m praying for you all the time, & never will I ever stop, this I promise you.. And as long as I live, I’ll try to give without waiting, or boasting, just like you’ve always done..

You’re the reason I’m the better me
And with you I flew to be
Elprincessa gracefully


Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh, how I'll love you!

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So I’ve been thinking for the past few days about: WHY can someone be unfaithful? I simply can’t comprehend the ability that one can possess to be unfaithful in any way.. Why do they do it? I mean ‘HOW’, I can understand, but WHY? Why deceive? Why? Leave instead of deceive.. Walk away, but WHY cheat?


I did the craziest thing ever yesterday! I went shopping for my li’l 2 year old cousin (Hannah) & while shopping, I bought this LOVELY skirt for someone who doesn’t even exist in our virtual world :$ I spent all day yesterday picturing her in this skirt, her hair, whether she’d like it or not, what her dad would think of me for doing so, if it’ll make her feel cold, if I should let her wear tights underneath, & what color they should be.. And of course, so much more.. I was amazed by me & what I did, that I can’t believe I did it! I took the bag with the li’l amazing tutu-like skirt in it & didn’t know where to keep it! It shouldn’t physically exist in my real world, but it somehow JUST DID!


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Surat 'Amma :)

The 78th Surah from the Qur'an carries soooooooo many memories for me! I love this surah so much; it has this place in my heart! Oh, how I love it! I know it's named "Surat ANaba'" (The Event), not 'Amma, but for li'l sara, it's Surat 'Amma :D

Cute Shiekh 'Azzam brought all those memories back :D

Here's the GREAT SURAH :)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

l a k h b a t a

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Favorite ............

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I've been tagged by miss Jasmina here.. I've always disliked answering any favorite questions, as I always found it to be difficut & bringing on unfair answers.. But I'll try.. For you sweetie :)

Here we go.. I'll answer with the first thing that comes to mind:

Favorite colour: Ummm, well, there's this color between maroon and dark orange and brown that I don't know the name to until now!

Favorite perfume(guys): Sooooooo many! Dunhill desire (red) first one coming to nose ;)

Favorite perfume (girls): Sooooooo many! Burberry Weekend first one coming to nose too!

Favorite pj brand: La senza

Favourite clothes brand in general: Liz Claiborne

Favourite person in the entire world: I really can't name one only :$

Favourite country: U.A.E.

Favorite car: Our old red dying Jeep!

Favorite sport: Loving! LOL, ok, ummmm.... Walking (not into physical sports though)!

Favorite sport player: As an egyptian, I had to grow up loving Bibo ;)

Favorite spot in America: Never been there..

Favorite animal: Ahhhhhhh.. Horsats! LOL! horsesandcats, can that be?

Favorite movie: First one coming to mind: Hysteria, an egyptian movie!

Favorite singer: I love Norah Jones!

Favorite day in the week: I've always imagined the week horizontal, not vertical.. And When I was a kid, I loved Tuesdays; they were P.E. & activities days.. And then, I loved Thursdays' nights; where it is the end of routine.. And now....... I guess it's the same!

Favorite time of the day: Morning time :D

Favorite holiday season: Summer time is the only HOLIDAY season ;)

Favorite number: 2

Favorite food: Any spicy juicy saucy food!

Favorite chocolate: Twix

Favorite cartoon: Judy Abbott's Daddy Long Legs..

Favorite blogger: I can't :') So many <3

Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: Caramel

Favorite Mobile Brand: Mine, its not working now & there's no time to fix it :(

Favorite name: Adam, first name that came to mind :)

Favorite hobby: Writing here..

Favorite room in my house: Mine <3

Favorite Fruit: Mango

Favorite book: Ummmmmmmm, The stories book I'm teaching now!

And I add, Favorite moment: When I'm in peace with me!



Love you Jasmina <3

And thanks again and again for the award <3