Saturday, February 28, 2009


I've been tagged by Jasmina :) The rules for this tag are:

1) Find your fifth photo file folder, then the fifth photo in that file folder.
2) Post the picture on your blog.
3) Tag five other bloggers to do the same.

So here's what I found:

This is St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral, a beautifully built church near our house in Ottawa that I fell in love with (structure wise).. I planned to visit this church, but never got the chance to.. I love churches' structures in general! Oh God, in Cairo, there are these wonderful churches that are very charming to the eye.. And mosques, castles, palaces, & old houses too.. Oh how I LOVE old structures with high ceilings.. And how I love people who stand just like those old structures, strong & fearless.. Not caring about how strong the wind will be or how cold or hot it might get.. They just stand tall facing all that comes their way..

I was just discussing the matter of dealing & trusting people of different beliefs last night.. I thank God for being raised in a family & in a place where there are no limits to relationships between people coming from TOTALLY different backgrounds.. It opens your heart & mind to all beautiful possibilities that make our world a better one.. FOR REAL! I personally, have always been with people who come from different cultures & belief systems & enjoyed the similarities we have in common & learned from our differences.. I wish more people could understand the beauty of "KNOWING ONE ANOTHER" as The Lord of the worlds says..


And now, I'll tag:

His Sweeetheart


Princess N

Restful Rain





"I love the language of faiths. It makes me closer to God, my Lord. Learning about other truths has made my own Truth much clearer and dearer to me. My experiences has lead me beyond the bounds of tolerance to embrace the true meaning of pluralism in our society." ~By Organica ~


His Sweetheart said...

Thanks for the tag sweet thing.

I have done it before but if you wanna me do it again, I will :)


sara said...

No honey, it's alrighty :D

MASS said...

Subhan Allah
How Could one love structures of venerated Polythiesm and Kufr?
A place where Allah is disobeyed and insulted.

as much as we should invite people of ahl al kitab to what Allah has revealed with with wisdom and compashion we should never go and actually love their temples

مَا جَعَلَ اللَّهُ لِرَجُلٍ مِنْ قَلْبَيْنِ فِي جَوْفِهِ وَمَا جَعَلَ أَزْوَاجَكُمُ اللَّائِي تُظَاهِرُونَ مِنْهُنَّ أُمَّهَاتِكُمْ وَمَا جَعَلَ أَدْعِيَاءَكُمْ أَبْنَاءَكُمْ ذَلِكُمْ قَوْلُكُمْ بِأَفْوَاهِكُمْ وَاللَّهُ يَقُولُ الْحَقَّ وَهُوَ يَهْدِي السَّبِيلَ


sara said...

Bigad, awil marra ahis innak eGyptian!


MASS said...

and whats so Egyptian about what I said that would make it so distinctly "eGyptian"?

Read as-sirat al mustaqeem fe mukhalaft ahl al jaheem by Ibn Taymiyah.

this is falls under aqeedat al-wala' wal baraa'

dont make me get all hadeethi on you!

sara said...


Anonymous said...

I hate tags but nice post ...

sara said...

Oh no, tags are cool, & thanks for understanding the message :)