Sunday, February 08, 2009

Surat 'Amma :)

The 78th Surah from the Qur'an carries soooooooo many memories for me! I love this surah so much; it has this place in my heart! Oh, how I love it! I know it's named "Surat ANaba'" (The Event), not 'Amma, but for li'l sara, it's Surat 'Amma :D

Cute Shiekh 'Azzam brought all those memories back :D

Here's the GREAT SURAH :)


Anonymous said...

al naba2 holds a special place in my heart aswell. I remember when I finished the jeze2 for the first time having memorized it backward ending with al naba2, I was ecstatic!

I hope to teach my children the Quran..

Small Blue Thing said...

Oh my :)

I was reading a new Tafsir for this year _a spanish one, from the Chia community, combinating Chia and sunni traditions. Long story ;P

Anyway, yesterday I started Surah 15, but today I'll be reading Surat 'Amma.

My love and salams

maroo said...

sub7an ALLA jozo2 "3amma" especially soret el naba2 has great memories for most of us ,, u know y ? coz by finishing memorizing it bnkoon 7fzzna awal jozo2 mn our QURAN .. 3njad i love this suura soo much .. i love sorret yassen kman kter

sara said...

Batoulyyyyyyyy :)
THAT WILL BE SUCH A BIG JOY, WON'T IT? You can start now with your niece ;)

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, loooooooong time! I missed you when I went to Cairo, as if over here we're together!
About that story, it looks like it's big, when you have time, spill some beans, will ya? ;)
As for reading surat 'Amma (Annaba), try hearing it as well, you'll really enjoy :)
My heart goes out to you dearest aaaaaall the way,

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooh, Yasin! Goooooooooosh! We had a competition back in the third grade for who's gonna finish memorizing it first, I did, & got a Qur'an as a present with a hand written dedication on the first page! Now this mus'haf (Qur'an) has been MINE since that day!

THANK YOU GIRLIES FOR SHARING YOUR THOUGHTS ON 'AMMA :D It's great to know that others feel the way I do!

SubhanAllah :D