Friday, February 06, 2009

Favorite ............

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I've been tagged by miss Jasmina here.. I've always disliked answering any favorite questions, as I always found it to be difficut & bringing on unfair answers.. But I'll try.. For you sweetie :)

Here we go.. I'll answer with the first thing that comes to mind:

Favorite colour: Ummm, well, there's this color between maroon and dark orange and brown that I don't know the name to until now!

Favorite perfume(guys): Sooooooo many! Dunhill desire (red) first one coming to nose ;)

Favorite perfume (girls): Sooooooo many! Burberry Weekend first one coming to nose too!

Favorite pj brand: La senza

Favourite clothes brand in general: Liz Claiborne

Favourite person in the entire world: I really can't name one only :$

Favourite country: U.A.E.

Favorite car: Our old red dying Jeep!

Favorite sport: Loving! LOL, ok, ummmm.... Walking (not into physical sports though)!

Favorite sport player: As an egyptian, I had to grow up loving Bibo ;)

Favorite spot in America: Never been there..

Favorite animal: Ahhhhhhh.. Horsats! LOL! horsesandcats, can that be?

Favorite movie: First one coming to mind: Hysteria, an egyptian movie!

Favorite singer: I love Norah Jones!

Favorite day in the week: I've always imagined the week horizontal, not vertical.. And When I was a kid, I loved Tuesdays; they were P.E. & activities days.. And then, I loved Thursdays' nights; where it is the end of routine.. And now....... I guess it's the same!

Favorite time of the day: Morning time :D

Favorite holiday season: Summer time is the only HOLIDAY season ;)

Favorite number: 2

Favorite food: Any spicy juicy saucy food!

Favorite chocolate: Twix

Favorite cartoon: Judy Abbott's Daddy Long Legs..

Favorite blogger: I can't :') So many <3

Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: Caramel

Favorite Mobile Brand: Mine, its not working now & there's no time to fix it :(

Favorite name: Adam, first name that came to mind :)

Favorite hobby: Writing here..

Favorite room in my house: Mine <3

Favorite Fruit: Mango

Favorite book: Ummmmmmmm, The stories book I'm teaching now!

And I add, Favorite moment: When I'm in peace with me!



Love you Jasmina <3

And thanks again and again for the award <3






maroo said...

interesting :D

Anonymous said...

Very interesting indeed :)!Oh,I was looking forward to see your answers!Thanx for doing that!
I like Twix,too and at the Mc Donald I always have ice cream with caramel.He,he,'re invited for an ice cream :)!

Love ya so much :)!

Anonymous said...

Oh...your BLOG deserves the award with all honors.Your posts always make me think and question about things.I like that!

MASS said...

tag me tag me tag me :P

sara said...


And if you come over, Baskin Robins will be under your demand ;)
Love ya <3
And thanks for everything :)

Khalas ya seedy, you're it!