Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Happiness is......


......waking up to a better world"


maroo said...

im 100% with ya ..
yea the smile is on of the greatest secrets ever .. it has a magnetic effect to make us happy or even satisfied whenever we c it ,,
keep smiling and be happy :)

Errant said...

so touchy !

His Sweetheart said...

I have always admired your blog Sara.

Your pics 1st of all and secondly, you say a few words that mean the world!!


MASS said...

couldnt say it better myself.

sara said...

A smile has the strongest effect on me:)


Thank you dear friend :)
Like arabs say, your eyes are wonderful ;)

It wasn't me by the way saying that.. You saw the quatation marks, haven't you?
And well, that is soooooooo true.. You know I was happy all day yesterday for waking up to the 'dream' of a better world, imagine waking up to a better world ba'a?!

The dream:
I've been affected for more than a week now by the scene of those innocent kids being torn apart in this lovely country.. It has been killing me & thoughts of what to do & how to do what needs to be done have never stopped! So yesterday, I dreamt of buying aaaaaaaall the li'l girls wings & ditributed them & saw how the world became a better one :)

Oh dear, how many things need to be done! And how many things I'll never be able to do!

Restful Rain said...

Only kids can teach humanity love again...their happiness can change the whole world...and their happiness comes out of their believe that happiness grows in the land of their innocent hearts and fall like rain on our hearts
I also dreamt of them. we were standing under the rain, no fear & no pain.
I need to learn that :)

JASMINA said...

Hello my dear Saretta,

you've been tagged.Look at my BLOG!

Love ya and in the END we'll wake up for sure in a better world ;)!

JASMINA said...

It's me again :)!

You've been awarded...check it at my BLOG!


sara said...

Soooooooo true :)
Shine on dearie <3

Thanks a lot for the tag & the award :D
Do I really deserve this award? I really truly hope I do <3