Friday, January 09, 2009

Brohy <3

What can you do when what you need to do, can’t be done!
You can’t shorten the distances, nor quicken the time!
Distances do get in the way, no matter what they all pretend..
And no matter what they say, this burn never seems to end..
(I miss you, even when you’re near :(
May Allah make it easy on all burning hearts)


maroo said...

as if u are reading my mind !!
ohh my god it really hurts :(

sara said...


I'm sorry for all that's going on(f)

On a side note, you don't know how dear your name is.. Maroo..

JASMINA said...

Hi Saretta :)!

Oh...if there's one thing i regret is that we live so far apart.Anyway,who is Brohy :)?Is that a man you love?
You know,I read your post about your 10 rendom things,and I have to say that I really enjoyed it.Ha,ha, really made me laugh that you talk to strangers.I am sure some like it very much!Oh...and of course the night in Cairo...also very interesting.In any possible way I liked that post of yours very much and I also love you now even more...
Oh...I hate this distance... Uffa :)!

sara said...

Hey sweet heart <3

You asked who 'Brohy' is, & no words will ever be enough to answer that..

He's the light of my very self.. He's THE ONE I grew up with.. He's literally a part of me.. He's my real smile & my unspoken mind.. He's my shining star.. He's my guiding angel.. He's my pride.. He's my heart-out-loud.. He's my safety in the strongest storm.. He's gravity.. He's the reason I found the better me.. He makes me better.. Always.. Always..

He's flying so far away now, to a cold cold land where it's all black & white.. No colors & no sun, with almost no middle lane to ride..

Bro = brother
hy = my

My brother.. My light.. My coziest corner..

May Allah help him fulfill all his goals & bring out the best of him to himself & to everything surrounding his lovely existence.. Amen :')

JASMINA said...

May the light of your heart,your brother,be always protected by Allah.It is nice to know you love your brother so much :)!I am sure in that cold land the thought of a sweet sister like you back home will make him warm.

Mwah :)!

sara said...


May God protect you honey & make it all easy for you <3

Gold said...

He's a lucky brother to have such a loving sister.. May you gather together in peace and tranquility in days that although might seem distant, yet felt so near by both your hearts..

I'm flying in alien land, and I don't know where to go..


MASS said...

Oh maaan mashaAllah,
I wish i had a sister.
even though i was quite happy not to have one as a kid.

may Allah always keep you together

sara said...


I'm the lucky one; I have him.. He's BROHY ANA! Alhamdulillah :D

As for you Mr. FM, you are Mr. FM; & flying will never be an issue, but alien might.. So, you have one of two options:
-Make it non-alienic
-Leave it, & fly off to another



Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeen :)

WAllahi welcome back BIGAD.. Nawart :D
Never leave your pen!

H said...

I just ran into your lovely inspirational blog! I'll be linking you on my blog if that's ok ;)..

sara said...

Thank you :)

A pleasure..

MASS said...

only with your noor.
you mean my keyboard : P

sara said...

Tab'an with my Nour (brohy's name is nour ;) )
pen ahla min keyboard :@

MASS said...

you trying to tease me coz i dont have a sister or something :@

sara said...

haram 'aleik ya rayyal :$

MASS said...

As a Blogger who follow your Blog
I demand my right that you update yours!

blogger rights.

sara said...

Well Mr. Mass, I'm busy flying in Cairo now :D

Restful Rain said...

How fast is the falling leave, or the falling drop of rain? in that short time a distance grows bigger or disappears!! My God!
Life is amazing...

sara said...

Life is surely amazing in so many ways.. Its funny how things surprise you & hit you so hard, & yet you carry on breathing!


MASS said...

haha I was going to ask you (including Lulu Hanem) about it

sara said...

Lulu hanem is busy having fun now :)

Small Blue Thing said...

My hugs always, sis.

sara said...

My love always, dearest <3

Anonymous said...

i think you are waisting time, dont wait more and think wisely

Admin said...

hey sara..nice blog..
come visit my blog ok ;)

Anonymous said...

Mashallah you have a great talent! May Allah protect your brother (who is so lucky to have a great sister like you) in this far and cold land, where its always cold, white and as u said almost hard to find a lane to walk nor drive on!People barely able to walk around looking for warmth before the next storm hits. Bas don't worry Allah will never leave his side and He will always protect him from any harm.May Allah always send him people to help him along his way and always be there for him if he needs anything. I have always read your posts and mashAllah you are made me want to start a blog to as I'm so into writing short thoughts/poems too..maybe not as talented as u r mashaAllah bas i can always try!
Salamu 3alikum for now

sara said...

Alaikum assalam Anon.,
Thanks a million :)
Please do start writing, I'm sure it'll make a difference in this world we live in :)