Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh, how I'll love you!

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So I’ve been thinking for the past few days about: WHY can someone be unfaithful? I simply can’t comprehend the ability that one can possess to be unfaithful in any way.. Why do they do it? I mean ‘HOW’, I can understand, but WHY? Why deceive? Why? Leave instead of deceive.. Walk away, but WHY cheat?


I did the craziest thing ever yesterday! I went shopping for my li’l 2 year old cousin (Hannah) & while shopping, I bought this LOVELY skirt for someone who doesn’t even exist in our virtual world :$ I spent all day yesterday picturing her in this skirt, her hair, whether she’d like it or not, what her dad would think of me for doing so, if it’ll make her feel cold, if I should let her wear tights underneath, & what color they should be.. And of course, so much more.. I was amazed by me & what I did, that I can’t believe I did it! I took the bag with the li’l amazing tutu-like skirt in it & didn’t know where to keep it! It shouldn’t physically exist in my real world, but it somehow JUST DID!



His Sweetheart said...

Oh, I have always wanted to do so!

Hamzeh Hamarneh said...

its a two-face coin! why someone cheats? I really don't know, life is full of BBs (Bastards and Bi**hs) but what makes me wonder is WHY SOMEONE IS CHEATED ON? I am sure the other spouse of partner has something to do with it...

plus! I wonder why some people accept to be involved with someone who is cheating on someone else, YEAH some of them know it and yet go on with it!

Anisah said...

Salam alaykom...
I think the reason someone would cheat. would be because theya re weak in faith and have no fear of Allah. Not to ention completely selfish.
the golden rule : do not do unto others as you would have done unto you.
I guess I could add hypocrit to it too... cause if you love someone how could you even THINK of hurting them like that?
May Allah help anyone that has this problem...
( about the previous commenter...other partner? has something to do with it? emm maybe...but don't you think blaming someone else for one's own sin is quite hypocrtical too? )

I'm not sure I understand about the skirt..but as long as your happy.. al hamdulllilah :)

Hamzeh Hamarneh said...

its takes two to tango, but three to cheat,,, and sometimes,, it just happen,, with no reasons,,, you know,, as i said, its a jungle of BBs these days,,

sara said...


Dunno whether to tell you do it or not, but I did, & it felt good :D

Hamzeh (it's hard saying your name with the 'eh at the end, I'm used to it with the 'ah', as in Hamzah!),

Regarding the why, IT'S CRAZY, JUST CRAZY :(
As for the acceptance part, I personally know a lady who lives with her husband while knowing that he cheats on her..
Cheating goes in all directions.. Cheating yourself, attempting to cheat God & so forth.. It's heartbreaking & very tiring :(


Alaiky assalam sweetie, how's the weather? God be with y'all..

We are aaaaaaaaaaaaaall weak, but we're strong enough & the proof is that we'll be asked.. Gosh, what a disaster cheating is, even by the thought of it! I can't comprehend even a thought of cheating on someone, why would you even think of it!

And about the skirt :D hahaha
*crazy me* :$

Oh dear, may Allah bless your baby & make him/her your road to his heaven, Ameeeeeeen :D

Hamzeh again,

sara said...

Here's something I wrote when I first knew about my friend's misery:

MASS said...

I cant imagine how someone would genuinely and really LOVE a person and even think of cheating yet even doing doing it.

When one is in love they only see that person and all other members of the same gender as their spouse/loved one seem to disapear.

I just cant buy it, if you are willing to die for that person give up all what youve got for them then I dont even see how you would think of someone else. and hurting your loved one doesnt even seem to cross my mind, coz if you love that person then they are all you need.

I dont even think you need to be some of high eman to be able to stay faithful, least if you love your spouse.

and wow Sarah @ your friend she should seriously consider a divorce. and oh boy if he was in Saudi!

Allah al musta3aan.

and yeah I dont quite get that skirt thing as well.

sara said...

Well, forget about the skirt now.. My friend lives here, in A.D., she'd die for him MASS!!!!!!! SubhanAllah, I think it's her pride that she's lost! Forever!

I can't even grasp the idea of 'em betraying their loved ones by a silly talk to another or by an unlawful look.. Why? Why would you even flirt while you HAVE someone! Imagine ba'a doing EVERYTHING with another! Ya Allah!

May Allah never expose me or any of us LOVING beings to such a situation.. I'm all for love & I guess a part of the answer to "why" is the insincerity of love!

WOW, it's such an amazing feeling to live BY someone's light & give all your might for them! Lovely!

MASS said...

actually I get the skirt thing!

sara said...

You do? :$ You think I'm crazy, sah? :$

MASS said...

no I dont, I think thats amazing, deep and sincere to Mr Future.

sara said...