Thursday, February 04, 2010

Deliquesce :)


It feels like a slush out here.. Too cold & crispy.. The wind blows you & the ice underneath slides you by.. Yes, you feel like a stranger, but somehow belonging.. Maybe 'cuz of the warmth of your loved ones that helps you glide through.. It's so good to be here with you brohy, I don't know from where to begin.. Crying on your shoulder.. Mourning the biggest loss of our lives.. Giggling until the night throws its veil on us.. Celebrating the new me with you.. Catching up on the past long long months.. All its grief & joy.. All its blooms & falls.. Ah, it's so good to be here with you :') I haven't loosened up in quite a while.. Haven't let go of.. of.. of everything like that.. With you it's all easier, lighter, & way way older; bringing the old me back.... Have I changed? Grown older maybe? Don't want to ask you, 'cuz I want you to see me like you always did.. I know time changes things, but it never changed us, how mighty are we! I want to always see this spark in your eyes :) Bless your heart lovey <3


Anonymous said...

first of all i am so happy that you are happy, second God bless your brother see when they are left alone they become wiser, kinder and better in some way..
take care and enjoy every moment and God bless you to each other.
Miss you a lot send my regards to your brother and father..

sara said...

Hillo <3

Miss you too! Feels like forever!

Time does have its effect on everything.. But there's this part of the spirit that nothing can reach or cause any change to :)

Thanks for your sweet wishes & may The Lord Almighty grant us all peace of heart & mind, amen :)