Saturday, February 20, 2010

s e r u t r a p e d


Dad's told me it's the sign to the airport,

Facing up is straight, & bending means to the right..

It's the wheels of a suitcase,

And the beats of a heart race..

Life always on the run,

Sometimes down & sometimes fun..

You can't beat the cold,

Nor keep the warmth on one fold..

But if you look deep deep down,

You'll find a cold silent home with no sound..

Always waiting for others to fill it,

And never bearing being alone in it..

With the hundreds surrounding us,

Tears still find us and throw us to a Russ..

Gosh, how I want to come home,

And never ever be alone......


Small Blue Thing said...

Someone with your faith is never alone.

And for what it's worth, we all are with you.

Musharraf :)

sara said...

My faith? Amen to that!

And THAT (y'all) is worth everything <3


p.s. musharraf? :D?

Small Blue Thing said...

Ups. Meaning "safe travels" :/

sara said...

Thanks dearest :)

Anonymous said...

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