Monday, February 15, 2010

R I D E A U < 3


Can't sleep! I truly know now how bad it is for those who suffer from insomnia, what a pain! Sleeping is a big blessing that we easily take for granted! Dear God!

On my way to class this morning, surrounded with all the kids waiting for me to unlock the door, we found a dead bird right in front of the classroom's door.. The kids froze there, and started thinking of what made this poor birdie die.. Was it another bird, or did it fall, break its wing and found no help...... And of the cutest was li'l Z., she said, "maybe it's just sleeping", she said it with all the hope in the world to be true.. However, it was found that it has been dead for quite some time.. As it was buried away, the kids couldn't stop thinking of its family and where they think the bird is and so forth..

It's such a great blessing for one to be surrounded by kids.. They're so unbelievably caring.. If they're comfortable in their shoes, they'd show you the world in a completely different way.. If I could, I'd absolutely choose nothing else in this world than being with them li'l angels :)

Hours after that, while taking off and starting the car to fly back home, I found a poor young girl walking back home right under the hot Abu Dhabian sun.. Just opened the window to offer her a ride, and she just jumped in! And then I asked her where her home is, she looked confused & said "Just go straight!".. Went straight ahead, and she just went blank! "Where's home hun?", she said, "It's close.. I walk home everyday with my brother and don't exactly concentrate on the way, I leave the direction for him to lead.. And today he fell sick and couldn't make it to school..".......! And then it just hit me.. "THE SAFE ZONE".. When you feel safe, you, without knowing, let your guards down.. And it's the best feeling in the world.. Feeling safe.. Knowing that you can count on another.. Knowing that everything is alright just 'cuz they're there......

And with all the time I've spent living this life, I could tell you right now that nothing beats that feeling.. Ever! But I still see some whom are lost and mixed up.. Some think it comes with more contacts on your phone.. Or with more pleasures to fulfill.. All I know for sure is that it only comes with the happiness of others! In the peaceful life that we all dream of, that supposedly starts with "Assalamu alaikum".. The global greeting of peace.. Only if we mean it every time we say it.. Only if we take the time saying it and truly praying for it.. Only if we don't mix things up.. Only if..........

Rest in peace birdie.. And rest in peace every thing under and on this Earth.. This Earth.. This Earth.. The bearer of millions of souls.. The secret that lies within.. The green & blue ball, filled with great wonders for all.. The unsolved mystery.. The witness of all that passed and yet to come.. The land that connects us all.. That we all touch together with our foreheads and sometimes walk on gently (as asked to) and sometimes not.. The patient carrier of our mess ups.. The song that we all sing everyday..

May we all rest in peace.. May we all have Z.'s cute heart & always hope for the best.. Amen :)

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