Wednesday, February 14, 2007

That's Allah -- By Sadia Marium


blogspotting said...

another good entry sister. May Allah bless you xx

blogspotting said...

This poem is sooo true. I feel all of these. What puts me more at ease is when im sad and down, i start talkin. Theres noone else in the room but i know that Allah (swt) is there and He is listening to what i have to say. I pray that one day he hears my dua and has mercy on me. Sometimes you DONT wana chat to anyone. whether its ur best friend or your parents. Sometimes i just sit in my room and think aloud and maybe start crying. I know i couldnt do that in front of anyone. Thats why im glad that im not alone. If i need to get anything of my chest i no where to turn..better yet, who to turn to.

Irfan Paderwala said...


This poem is so true, when i read it it made me feel at ease, althoughwe my feel lonely and alone at times, but Allah will never forget us nor will he leave us, I must say my heart felt week when i read this poem, keep up the good work.


I totally know how you feel and can understand, but when you strenghten your'e imaan and have taqwa in the Almighty, he will automatically open doors for you, he will make you feel at ease, i use to have my emotional moments, But when i turned to Allah and read 2 rakaats nafil namaz, Honestly, anything that was on my mind would be at ease.

This is a great lesson for everybody.

May Allah bless us ALL.

AV said...

Asalaamualaykum sister. This a nice poem. All true. I know that when im sad, i turn to Allah, because i know that He will always be there to hear me out. I know just talkin 2 Allah puts me at ease. I think its fairly normal for someone to be emotional..We're only Human after all..This poem is a good message to people because everybody wants and needs that somebody, little do they no that the someone is already there.. maann im keep up these brilliant entries. May Allah bless you sister!!!

Lutful said...

Many thoughtful believers will appreciate your poem. It is good.
We all need to go deeper into the meaning of ALLAH
Allah is our power,to guide us into the paradise that Allah talks about in the Quran. For 1500 hundred years muslims did not get the essence yet. They have divided themselves and are fighting in the name of Zihad. Allah is nothing BUT love for each other through the power of Allah in us as Allah's RUH, which Allah has injected into us when we were into our mother's womb. We are part of Allah energy in Soul form.Allah might is our DREAM. The world has surely doubt about this concept. Allah knows what I mean. May Allah bless you. Only Allah is our teacher for ever.

sara said...

CAN'T AGREE MORE! I totally get you :)

Bless your heart..

P.S. That's not my poem.. As you can read above, it says: "By Sadia Marium"..