Tuesday, June 03, 2008

~ Bless your heart ~

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As I was watching li’l amoona sleep, I wished so many things.. I wished my life was as smooth as her cheeks, & as simple as her tiny li’l hands, & as delightfully short as her petite form.. She looks so beautiful sleeping, that you can spend hours looking at her breathe so calmly wishing that her peace can fill the world & keep on flowing to ease all hardships.. I couldn’t take my eyes off her! She’s just a piece of art.. Praise The Light of the heavens & the earth!

I love it when DJ Moe says “bless your heart” on the radio.. My heart always sings “amen” after he says that.. I pray God would bless all our hearts.. The hearts hold so many secrets that usually long to be heard.. Ain’t it beautiful having your heart & feeling its beats? I mean, God could have simply made it function as quietly as your brain or your liver do.. Instead, you can hear it beat all throughout your life.. The problem is that people have stopped knowing how to hear their hearts out long time ago.. It’s become rare to see someone hearing their heart out or giving it anytime at all.. When I asked li’l amoona to hear my heart, she said: “It says: amoona, amoona, amoona..”! AND SHE WAS RIGHT!

When I was younger, I remember holding fruits & flowers & trying to hear them out.. I also remember someone saying that you can hear the ocean in a seashell.. We stopped listening loooooooooong ago & I believe that's why everything is getting uglier & our summers are getting hotter & our rains are getting sadder..

Bless our <3s


Summer said...

bless your heart for this simple and very nice post!
one of the ways to worship God is to praise his perfect creations, and you were doing so by looking at amoona sleeping! she sounds perfect! allah y7fazha...Amen!

sara said...

awwwwwwwwwww :)

Thanks a million.. This comment coming from you means A LOT :)

God bless your heart too.. Yours, your kids' & your grandkids' hearts.. Amen <3

Jawwad said...

ahhh.. childhood

MASS said...

Finally a new post from Miss

amoona the lil samoona.

yr too kind, and your post is soothing. you remind me of anime characters.

you take it easy like amoona

sara said...

Well, miss hamtchy dumtchy is tryin hard.. The thing is: it's weird to try 'hard' to take things 'easy'.. Know what I mean? So contradictive:

And who do I remind you of? I sometimes remind myself of Judy Abbott!

MASS said...

May Allah ease everything for you,
Allah has a lot of good things for you inshaAllah.

thou 7amtchy reminds me not of a specific character.

more like a ehm squeaky, inoscent and caring character.. like Sara-Chan or sum thin.

i dunno why sometimes i picture a peice of bougger (SP?) on that finger of yours in the pic. I hope you werent one of those kids that use to eat that stuff.

sara said...

Can you promise me that MASS? Can you? Please? PLEASE? Can you promise me that Allah has a lotta good things for me? PLEEEEASE?


And yeah, well, this ain't my hand Mr... I tried looking as to where I got it from, I think it was from an Islamic site or somethin.. I wanted to tell them that I use it, but no owner.. I love it dearly..

They used to call me the hygiene freak in school.. So I'm positive I wasn't one of those kids :D

MASS said...

yes I can promise you!
just hold on to the deen and put your trust in Allah.

ahh hygine freak.. i remember i use to see kids eat that stuff.. one girl i remember was like proud of it and she would say its salty .. waaayy3

p.s duuude please remove that letter word verfication thing! aarrgh

sara said...

WAllahi my full trust is in Him..

I learned the difference between:
tawakul & patience
having no options..

& ewwwwwww.. I remember a girl used to eat erasers (their rubber).. But never seen the nasty stuff done by girls.. Guys did everything.. eeeeeeeeeewwww!

p.s. ma'alesh MASS.. i used to get nasty [ur word :) ] spams & adds, & didn't want to leave harmful stuff on my bloggy, so that when I die, sunshine would only be left behind :)
istahmil shuwaya..

Gold said...

"The hearts hold so many secrets that usually long to be heard"

So very true! The thing is that whoever is able to take the thing-around-the-corner from his heart out to his tongue, is this one who is blessed the really knowing who he is and how he functions. Sometimes those things inside the heart are what takes you down a road of harm, yet by praying for Blessings of the Heart this heart can be directed into more useful things of higher emotional magnitude..

A heart is a sensitive place, it is a place that the small amoona finger can touch, resulting in the ability to move mountains for her sake. It is a place than when scratched, a waterfall comes out of the eyes, an area when hardened, turns you into a ugly troll that people don't want to deal with.

A place that when neglected, and not listened to, can cause you accidents in the highway resulting in traffic jams, and at the same time you wonder why traffic is so hectic at this area of town..

capiche ma cherie?

I hope I'm excused for now :)

Anonymous said...

Sidhartha is a Hindu myth classic. At the end of his spiritual journey, he comes across a river. He places his ears next to the river, and he can listen the river say, "oam oam oam ..."

In Islamic spiritual orders (silsala-e-tareeqat) too, there is a concept of an active heart, where no 'wird' is done by tongue. Everything is said by heart, and eventually, the heart starts to 'wird' itself.

Very interesting topic. :)

sara said...

Right now, I read one of the best words ever written on the heart! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Please write more often.. Whenever your heart speaks, listen & share, yeah?
But there's one thing though, excused? for what?

And what do you hear stinger? Throughout your journey?

Anonymous said...

Salaam Sara,

this post is very nice and I think you must have a very beautiful heart.Bless your heart!
It is very much true taht small children sleep in such a serene way.In years we loose that,but most important is not to loose hope.
I hope your grandafther is better.I send you a strong hug.

Mwah :),

your Natashaamina

Arash said...

I'm agree with you, the big problem is that people have stopped knowing how to hear their hearts out long time ago...
Nice post.

sara said...

My sweet natasha :)
Bless your heart honey <3
Never lose hope :)
Grandpa is still very sick.. In fact worse, but I think I'm learning how to live the moment & not live in denial.. It's pretty hard, but we can do it inshaAllah..
Here's a squashy sqeezy huggy hug & many kisses from the sunny Abu Dhabi..
your sara (f)

Thank you :)

mayG said...

a beautiful thought sara, expressed even more beautifully!
..if only we would slow down to listen to the song within..
excuse me for sounding all cynical dont know about you, but sometimes i think its just not possible to slow down and get back to the simpler joys of life.. wish i could..

sara said...

Well, well, well..

I wish you could..

Bless your heart <3