Friday, June 06, 2008

How yummy did it ever get?


A lady took my parking lot yesterday.. MY parking lot.. MINE! After four years of driving! In a very hot day & after a stressful time at the hospital, I was waiting for the dude to drive back, & she, sneakily after SEEING me & knowing it was MIIIIINE, stole it! I controlled myself & didn’t even give her the LOOK & left peacefully & parked further away.. It took me a minute or so to forgive her, & it felt good being able to do so :) It has this taste.. This very sweet taste :)

I wonder, what’s the sweetest taste that you’ve ever tasted? There are lotsa sweet tastes that one can have in this lifetime.. Like a smile sent from someone’s heart to yours.. Or seeing some tree branches dancing by a breath of a breeze in a hot summery day.. Or hearing God’s call in the midst of your busy agenda.. Or being able to see through someone’s eyes & getting dazzled by the streams of love flowing through their veins.. I wonder, what’s the sweetest taste that you’ve ever tasted?

It scares me a lot having mostly everything facilitated for me.. I’m worried about the comforts I experience most of the time.. The bed I have, the water, the sky, the roof, the colors, the horses, the love, the protection, the flowers, the ability, the light, the warmth, the peace, the dreams, the life, the teddy :’)

And mama, no matter how hard you try, my teddy will never tell you all the secrets; ‘cuz simply you know waaaaaay more than she does :) [
I caught mama yesterday asking my dear teddy all different questions about me; to find out how far I’ve reached.. She looked so pretty talking to dear teddy :) Love you mum <3>]


Jasim said...

The sweetest thing is the chocolate I'm eating right now... Anyway, sometimes you don't have to be too sweet, you just need to go out and smash her head into the window telling her: "That's my parking lot!"


Anonymous said...

Salaam Sara :),

nice post!You are a nice girl and you did right to forgive the lady,at least for your own peace of mind.However,I would say that people do not need to know all the time that we actually forgave them.Everyone who makes a mistake should suffer a is as simple as this.Otherwise you do not learn anything from life :)! are sweet...and when I get a comment by you...that's sweet for me.What's more,I think the sweetest thing in my life is my father...and when I hug my man...that is sweet,too.

I send you a sweet hug!

Allah bless you!

Anonymous said...

Anger managment has been my focus.... for the past 3 years :sigh: I just cant seem to be able to let things go so easy when I have the right to question.

sara said...

Which chocolate was it?
And well, as a matter of fact, we GOTTA be as sweet as possible.. GOTTA!

Salams hun :)
You are right.. Or sometimes we gotta let them know that we forgave them to teach them & become a rolemodel :)
And hey, I'm not as sweet as yourself babygirl xoxo
I send you a squeezier hug back :)
Bless your heart <3

Just remember, that any anger expressed for our very selves ain't acceptable! Unless it's for something that would upset God & His Word.. If they teach that in anger management, I think it'll make it easier for us to know where are lines are :)

Gold said...

I read you..

i still do! just wanted you to know..


sara said...


Thank you!