Friday, June 13, 2008

What’s your beat like?

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It’s pretty fascinating seeing everyone have their unique knock.. Know what I mean? Like their knock on the door has its own sound.. Just like their laugh.. What even amazes me more is that, like stinger has said here, everyone has his/her own world & nothing is ever RANDOM in it! Like I see this cat mew & then I hear this thing & I see the world speaking to me & only me through those very happenings.. My friend could hear the same thing, but she wouldn't get touched by it the way I do.. She gets affected by something else that I might not relate to at all.. How Powerful is God! How Mighty! He runs all these lives with such Mercy that people no longer feel or even seek!

Yesterday they flew off to the best of His creation’s land (peace & blessings be upon him).. & soon, by His Will, they’ll be taking off to His Holy House, how beautiful is that! Their eyes were looking at me yesterday & today they’ll be looking at his place! Their very hands were shaking mine & today they’ll be on the holy land in prostration begging for forgiveness & a happy start after a peaceful ending.. Li’l amoona will be stepping there too, along with ‘em.. I asked her to pray for me & she said: “what shall I ask God for you?”, I told her ask Him to do me & all my loved ones all good things, & she promised she will :)

If you had the chance to do a bad thing & you’d be guaranteed that no one will find out, would you do it? And above all, God won’t ask you about it, would you? You know what I think? I think they’re really blessed those who’d say “No, without a doubt!”.. Those, who won’t ever do something wrong, ‘cuz they know better.. ‘cuz they’re so clean that they wouldn’t even consider that! And don’t go jumpin sayin: “we’re human”, ‘cuz you know what, this man was asked (while attached to this lies detecting machine) if he had a chance to cheat on his wife without being caught, would he do it? & he said he wouldn’t, with an amazing assertiveness & without the slightest disturbance in his beats!

The weather has been a little strange lately; as if it has been speaking of my state! Isn’t the sound of the wind scary when it goes loud? Or is it me who has been scared of everything lately? "
O Allah, let it be a mercy and not a punishment. O Allah make it a beneficial and not a destructive wind.."

I pray our shades would always remain as good as they’re meant to be.. Amen.

And oh, before I go, I'd like to ask you to please not change your unique knock or laugh, you can beautify it, but not fake it, yeah? Love who you are :)


Jawwad said...

good post and excellent observation

Anonymous said...


Absolutely right. It is amazing how two different people may get affected by the same thing.

sometimes I wonder how something which may not affect me at all, can be the turning point for someone else! SubhaanAllah! How different He has made each and every one of us!

Wonderful blog!

Abed. Hamdan said...

The weather is awkward here(kuwait) too..I just hate dust..but you said something interesting about it, and likewise, I think it speaks some of my frustration.

My friend just came back from the holy lands, and the pictures we brought back were fascinating.

And I don't know whether I'll say no or yes to doing bad things if im not seen, you know, recently I came to give some execuses to some criminals..sometimes it's for the common good. who knows.

sara said...

I'm glad you felt it..

Salaam :)
There is an arabic saying that says: "If it wasn't for the different tastes, the goods would remain unsold.."
It's pretty amazing how different we are :) The problem occurs when we are unable to embrace those differences, and instead, torture each other over them (differences)..
Thanks for labeling me wonderful this time :) Hope I'm worth it :$

I heard there might be a storm in Oman :(
I not only hate dust, I get asthma & suffer from it.. Alhamdulillah..
Pictures always tell untold stories :)
We have to give excuses, ALWAYS.. We're not here to judge, you know..

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

Good post. Weather is such a dynamic thing. Always changing, always the same.

Allahu alam.

nuh ibn

Anonymous said...

as always..I do not seem to grasp your posts in one read! I have to read them twice.

Even your post is telling of the point you r trying to make. What inspires your owe about god is something I haven't thought about before. This makes me want to write about my owe factors sometime. Some very simple things strike me as miraculous, such as my parent's love for me. It is uncompromised, unconditional and they have an infinite supply of it. What amazes me is how often I took that for granted, until one day it struck me, and that feeling hasn't changed since.

sara said...

Alaikum assalam brother Nuh,
Thank you & you're right.. Such a DYNAMIC thing!

Brother with dad's name,
It is absolutely not intentional to write complex things.. Am i that hard to grasp? Any hints on how to write better? Please do fill me in, it'd help me in my journey A LOT!
A lotta things inspire me about God.. Almost everything :)
The unconditional love is an extremely thought provoking thing that one's mind can hardly fathom..
I'm glad it struck you, before it's late :)
Rabinna yekhalehomlak we yebariklak feehom, amen :)

Anonymous said...

Yippee!! I got linked! :D

On a more serious and freaky note, you were in a corner of my mind while I was writing that post. o_O

Anonymous said...

So you being in a corner of my mind was random? Or did I know at some level that the post will click with you too? o_O But you being in a corner of my mind wasn't even my own call!!!

And that is exactly what I'm going to write about in my next blog post. :)

sara said...


I'll wait for that post..

LuLu...! said...

like the post sis ;)

MASS said...

I read this post befor but didnt comment, he3

i try not to be fluffy at times..

maybe my beat is likr thrash metal ? or with a strong base or with krinky music music after pumping iron

I get you like you freak out from naruto and it brings me tears at times. he3!

sara said...

*ge3 back at ur he3*

I think I can hear your beat.. It's a good one, according to my dictionary!

Look, I have good news for you.. I can give narutu another shot, BUT, not now.. khalas? That's a promise..

sara said...

And sis,



MASS said...

wakata datebayu!

sara said...

Eeh takatina!

*stole it from pudding*

UmmBlog said...

*tries to hear Hassy's beat* :s

sara said...

*tryin along with the aroosa*