Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"We're gonna be sinkin' soon"

I've been very disturbed after watching this man on T.V. last night.. He says he killed his three kids in front of each other, with a sword, just to "let people know".. Let people know what? I don't know..

I hate watching these stuff, but I don't know how I came in front of the T.V. at that exact moment.. I didn't have a good sleep & I spent a long time thinking only one thing: "Do I belong here?"

It's very frustrating for me looking around.. It's very scary everywhere.. What is my role in the middle of this jungle? Can I actually fight this inhumane world? Is it my world anyway? Is it?

I never realised this was going on around me.. I thought it was way prettier than it sadly is.. Yeah, I do look through the glass, but maybe I involuntarily looked at the flowery side of it.. Or maybe I was taught to look only at the flowery side of it.. I get so ill knowing; so can I carry on not knowing please? Can I keep my circle this small & change as much as I can in it, with my heart full of light? If I don't, My heart will get sick.. Real sick, & no cure shall be found! I know me..


"We're an oyster cracker on the stew,

And the honey in the tea,

We're the sugar cubes, one lump or two,

In the black coffee,

The golden crust on an apple pie,

That shines in the sun at noon,

We're a wheel of cheese high in the sky,

But we're gonna be sinkin' soon.

In a boat that's built of sticks and hay,

We drifted from the shore,

With a captain who's too proud to say,

That he dropped the oar,

Now a tiny hole has sprung a leak,

In this cheap pontoon,

Now the hull has started growing weak,

And we're gonna be sinkin' soon."

~ Norah Jones ~


On a lighter-funnier-yet-sad note, read this.. Mama 7aki: You're hilarious :) May 7aki Peanut come out safe & sound & make this world a better one, amen :)


Abed. Hamdan said...

what tv channel is it and what show ?

sara said...

It was Mehwar channel & 90 minutes talk show..

Abed. Hamdan said...

and why did that man killed his kids ?? that's awkward and ugly

sara said...

I really don't know!

Abed. Hamdan said...

weird! ka2ennu el denya na2es-ha dabe7 o zeft !

btw thanks for visiting my blog and thx all ur comments :)

sara said...

ka2ennu :(

btw, don't thank me, please..

Thank you for giving me a hopeful fact for the day :)

MASS said...

you need to watch Naruto!

sara said...

It was too much for me!

I get scared of my own shadow!

Can't take darb & stuff.. LOL

My siblings tried with me, it didn't work, sorry! :$

And yeah, they told me feeha feelings & stuff, bas I have to go through super powers to reach that, & that ain't me!

Anonymous said...

I understand how bad and scared you must have felt for no one is really safe in this world, unless Allah wills... !!!

May Allah keep everyone under his protection, Ameen


LuLu...! said...

he was like...

2eny qataltahom lekay ta3lamo 2any qataltahom..

he was sooo wierd... :(
rabena yeshfeeh we ye3'ferlo :(

sara said...

Miss infoguide,

Alby waga'ny delwa'ty.. Goodness! Rabina yerhamo we yehdeeh.. His kids filjannah inshaAllah..
Oh sis, that was one freaky scary moment!

LuLu...! said...

i just remembered the face that u had when u were watching...


but wallahy he is not normal.. maskeen...

rabena yer7amo :(

MASS said...

he3 ma3lesh..

actually they got this dude too who put pison in pasta for his wife and children... da Paw Leece asked im why

he said i cant afford to feed them.. so i killed them to protest our conditions.. something like that..

in egypt hatwala3! rabena yustor!

Batoul said...

Yes Sara you belong here:D
I felt the same way about being in a Western country but I learned I cant put myself in a bubble and I have to understand what they do to actually avoid, fight, and back up my beliefs.

Sick people are everywhere bas el donya bkhair lisa bcuz law khlyet blyet. *closes Sara's eyes while she watches a lady cut an apple* LOL!

Anonymous said...

Salaam Sara :),

you know today I read your post SUTRA and I just wanted to tell you that what you wrote there and how you did it,it is the reason why I like you so dear friend in the black abaya.
I am sorry if I did not stop by the other posts that much,but I have just eaten lunch and I feel a bit lazy ;).Other time,better time.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I often come across such things on TV.

May Allah save us from all such calamities, and guide us!

Your blog is fantastic sis!

UmmBlog said...

Sinking soon ? I don't even know how to swim *starts panicking* WHAT DO WE DO NOW ?!?!?!

sara said...

YA BINT ENTY, ARE YOU MAKING FUN? I'm smellin tarya'a here, am I right? :@
But yeah, I really got scared, maaaaan!
Rabinna Raheeeeeeeeeeeem..

ma'alesh & then you freak me out even more? :@
Rabina yustur..

"law khlyet blyet".. TRUE!
Thanks for closing my eyes, I'd have thrown up ;) THANKS :D

Natasha dear natasha :)
Salam honey,
I love this thing we're having sweetheart.. That's amazing.. You're a pretty delicate being whom I'm so proud to have met (f)
As for SUTRA, I enjoyed that ride :)
I'm so glad you understand me that much.. Gosh, we're almost flying here :)
You always help me transcend dear natasha, & I thank you for that :)
Thank you for always stopping by, I love you & you're officially in my prayers :)

*wow! a lotta umms passin by recently :)*
Amen & thanks for labelling me "fantastic".. I'm flattered :)

I can help you swim inshaAllah ya aroosa.. The arees needs ya :D

7aki Fadi said...

You are as still as sweet as always :D .

Asma said...

Can't say what his reasons were .. could be some psucologial problem too :s But here in Pakistan, after every few days when I get to read news (or hear) that a father killed his children and then suicided ... I'm not even shocked now. In the financial circumstances here, its better to kill them with his own hands :((

We are sinking fast =(

sara said...

Mama 7aki :)
And you are still as funny as always :D

I'm sorry to hear that :(
We are sinking way fast :(