Monday, June 23, 2008

Clouds of love <3

Clouds & clouds,
& love from between the crowds..

By the window I sit & shout,
As I watch the world go round..

With a warm mug in my hand,
And a standing glowing lamp..

No one knows but me,
The truth that I clearly see..

Today I can show the world,
A heart that’s everything but cold..

So here’s my flower for you,
And wishes to feel all that is true..
How I wish you can see those clouds of love,
And that white flying dove :)


Small Blue Thing said...

uuuups ;D

sara said...


Anonymous said...

Sooo nice my dear Sara!So nice!

sara said...

thank you miss star :$

Qabbani said...

:) Jameel


sara said...

But unfortunately, annas la yaraw aljameel.. I'm glad you do :)

Anonymous said...

I just noticed something. Have you moved to Canada? I thought you were based in UAE, right? What flipped you upside down? let me guess...

- have you been expelled by the oppressive UAE regime for defending rights of oppressed minorities (like the ones I talked about in my blog today :P)?
- have you organized a failed coup and now live in exile?
- are you going to demonize islam and act like Irshad Majni/Salman Rushdi so you preferred protection in a western country?
- are you escaping your poverty/dire straights? :P
- all of the above?

uh? what?

- are you just Canadian?

Anonymous said...

lovely poem sara :)

the poem came to life by the particular words you have chosen..

love you and a half:)

more than a half.. i'd say i love you infinity....

your love..

sally :)

sara said...

How I loved "Notfa" the light at the other side.. I really did!
Don't you miss it?
Umm, regarding your guesses, it'll be amazing if you keep on guessing.. It gave me a laugh :)

Salloolet alby <3
thank you honey bunny for passing by.. I love you sweetie & can't wait to see ya soon ;)

LuLu...! said...

mahammed hassan is funny (not daddy, the blogger) lol

and saaaaallyyy yaaa5y everywhere :P

and sis the post is very fresh and so the flower is... :)

Jawwad said...

nice poem

Abed. Hamdan said...

who's the lucky guy :P ?

sara said...

He's hilarious :D
& sallollyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3
Thanks sis ;)

Shukria :$


MASS said...

7amdella 3asalama!

sara said...

shukran khales!

Anonymous said...

Awwww .... Mashallah !!!!


Asma said...

Ah han =D

sara said...



nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

Very nice.


sara said...

Thank you :$

It means a lot coming from you :)

sweetlikearose said...

nice poem sweetie .. it is actually sweet poem ...
thanks fo sharing :)

ASKAdenia said...

ra23 ..very nice sara... keep writing:)

UmmBlog said...

Is the poem about me ? :/

sara said...

Enty elly sweet :)
Thanks :)

shukran khales :)
I wil inshaAllah :)

Missed you ya aroosa :D

MASS said...

am glad yr enjoying yr time away from annoying bloggers!

sara said...

Haram 'aleik, "annoying"? Kull ennas tayebeen over here..

MASS said...

well,, i was really refering to my self.

sara said...

Mat'olsh keda abadan MASS! You know how proud I am of you!