Monday, June 16, 2008

* Samer Qwaider *

(picture's source)

Samer Qwaider waited for long,
Until he found the rhythm of his song..

He lived a life full of hardships & success,
That eventually lead him to this gorgeous flower of his..

She’s the star of his show,
& the pill of strength against all of his foes..

Together they’ll bloom & help this world,
And add to it a new flavor that’ll give it a cute curl..

Today I’m glad to know that the sweets Qwaider man,
Is becoming a more responsible, loving & a brand new man..

I wish I can be a part of this joyful occasion,
And add a rose to your li’l new love organization..

May The Most Loving grant you two the tranquility you need,
To love, nurture & grow all the long needed seeds..

My heart goes out to you Sam & to your loving princess,
Who’s God’s blessing that’s been written for you way before this mess..


Abed. Hamdan said...

alf mabrook Qwaider :D

sara said...

Alfein, 3 alaaf.... Mubarak aaaaaaaaaall the waaaaaaay.. Amen :D

Qwaider قويدر said...

Oh my god Sara, that is sooooo sweet of you :)

Thank you so much my friend

sara said...

It's just my heart out to you guys..

I'm proud to have met you brother :)

Rabinna yubarik lakuma, wa yubarik 'alaikuma wa yajma' baynakuma filkhair.. Amen :)

UTP said...

Is it really difficult to write poetry? I ve seen that the modern prose doesnt really have to rhyme...

sara said...

I don't know..

Is this poetry you see written here? Like what would you call it? modern, classic?

I just sit, squeeze my feelings & try to let letters help me express..

LuLu...! said...

2aywa ya 3am ;)

tayeb matedeena 7eta 7atoota keda :)

naas leeha 7az we naaas malhaash :(

sara said...

ya setti etgawizy enty bass we shoofy hatakhdy hetat ad eih ;)

Rabinna yustur all the guys & girls out there.. Amen :)

Mr's Qwaider to be said...

Thank you very much for the nice words and prayers.
God bless you and your loved ones as well. :)

sara said...

Mrs. Qwaider to be,


My bloggy couldn't believe you passed by :) It woke me up: "sara, sara, Mrs. Qwaider to be came by!".. :D

WAllahi my whole family prays for you guys.. I was soooooooooo glad to know this :D

I get goosebumps when people get married! :D Ya Rab your life would be filled with rahma wa mawadda.. Amen :)

You guys are definitely in my prayers :)

All the best of you to eachother & back to the world.. Amen :)

Lotsa love & happy wishing <3

LuLu...! said...

hanzel 2adawar 3ala 3arees garyy..


sara said...

LOOOOOOOOL belheeeeeeeeil :D

Khodeeny ma'aky.. Rabinna yeyasar.. hahahahahahaaha

luv ya sis <3

Don't leave me :(

infoguide said...

Sara is now turning into a Beautiful Poet .... ;-)
Really Sara, Thats some lovely poetry ... :-)


Qwaider قويدر said...

Thank you so much again Sara
The nice Mrs Qwaider above isn't really Mrs Qwaider
But, that's something that she would say

sara said...

Miss infoguide,
Really? :$
Thank you :)

I wonder who's this nice Mrs Qwaider then :@
Liars all around :@
Rabinna yeyasarlak brother Q.. Our prayers are with you :)

MASS said...


thats so nice of you.. 2o3balik and lulu!

sara said...

thanks.. and 'ubalak enta kaman & aaaaall single shabab & banat.. ya Rab neffarah edonya ezza'lana dih.. Amen.

Dino$ said...

ALF MABrook :) lovely post :)

sara said...


I still see you as the new aroosa Dino ;)

muslims4europe said...

huh, what is this about? uhmmm...mosh fahem 7aga! 7'ales!

sara said...


It's about Sam.. he's getting married soon inshaAllah :)