Monday, June 09, 2008

kiteer awee :')

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[This is pretty li'l Ava.. Sheye, I pray she'd come to you on the big day & take you by the hand to paradise & you'd fly together, forever.. Amen]

The yummiest burgers were made to my highness today by the yummiest pudding ever :’)

Isn’t it one of the worst feelings ever being excessively overwhelmed & not finding any means for a real ‘thank you’?

I’ve always felt overwhelmed by all those who surround me, & what’s more is that: most of the time I feel guilty for the excessively great treatment, love & care I’ve always got, as in: “I don’t deserve this!”..

Yes I pray for them, but I want to do more.. Nothing bigger than prayer, but I’m saying more.. More..

It’s even scary! It’s kiteer.. kiteeeeeeer aweeeeeee! (too much)

To all of you amazing people whom Allah Has blessed me with:

You’re the song of my heart,
And the real love from the start..

With you, I’m the twirling princess,
And without you, there’s no real happiness..

I love you all today & everyday,
And ‘thank you’ is nothing that could pay..

Here I lay my heart for you,
And my soul will always dance by you..

My mind carries the letters of your names,
And my body would talk without me knowing,
‘cuz of your beautiful faces

(These last two lines were written by pudding; he came while I was heartstorming & said that along with the smiley)


I love you..


LuLu...! said...

ketcheeer awy...


sara said...

Gaybinha menein essit dih? BIGAD?



MASS said...


UTP said...

it surely is a difficult position when you are completely overwhelmed and are unable to say Thank You...and then that moment passes and the wrong impression is created...

then you want another chance to say it and its too late and doesn't matter anymore...

sara said...

Ketcheeer aweeeee.. LOL

That surely is tough.. But that's not what I meant AT ALL.. I easily say 'thank you', hamduliLlah.. I meant that 'thank u' means nothin to what they do.. get me?

Anonymous said...

Oh I never ever say thank you, sounds so formal and artificial.

sara said...

It depends stinger.. for me, from the many times i say it, its very informal :)

Anonymous said...

How do you make a thank you informal? May be by dressing up as a clown with a big red nose? :P

Anonymous said...

BTW, since there are so many Indians/Pakistanis in AD, do you know any Urdu/Hindi?

sara said...

Well, I have my very unique sara effects :D

And as for urdu/hindi, unfortunately, over here, we use english EVERYWHERE.. In school, it was aaaaaaall english.. Work, same story.. So I never really got to pick anything :(

One of my closest friends ever is bengali, I learned that they say "Allah Hafiz" when they end a talk.. And I LOVE that!

I always wanted to go to India since it's near.. And Pakistan, Iran, these are dreams.. I really wish we would have done that while we're still living here.. Who knows?

Gold said...

still.. i read you..!

way too much!

Jawwad said...

we dont just overwhelmed by the people we overwhelmed by so many things from ALLAH ...and yes some people are speciall and because of them we feel ourself special...

UmmBlog said...

Thank You.

sara said...

It's an honor!

So true!
*still can't believe you're back here, subhanAllah!*

You're welcome aroosa :)
But what for?

Jawwad said...

why u cant believe that am back :)?

sara said...

It's just that I got to meet a few good people over here.. And rarely do I find them after a while..

You were of the very first people I met when I started blogging & after you deleted your blog, I got upset.. You commented almost a year ago & dissappeared on me again.. And now your back..

It makes me really happy.. You are always a plus to the blog world Jawwad :)

Jawwad said...

well thanks for that but u know now a days i lost my passion .. i dont know what to write these days. i dont know why is that ? might be because of the circumstances i went through or something else but now am trying to come back ..i will try to catch you on MSN then tell you .. and thank you again :)

UmmBlog said...

Err..I didn't read the whole post. I thought you wanted us to say thank you and that's why I said Thank you. :S

sara said...

What comes from the heart, reaches other hearts, or so I believe.. So whenever your heart speaks, share it.. You know, you have to know what your intention behind writing is.. And ask Allah for tawfeeq.. I really wish you get it back.. However, it comes from deeeeep down of you.. So wait & see.. I'm glad you're around & safe & sound :)

Aroosa, you gave me a laugh :D
Thank you for thanking me honey, but that's not what the post is about, LOL
:D :D :D :D :D

mayG - /meɪ̯ - ʤi/ said...

have you ever wondered whats its like for someone with all that much love to give, except the person at the receiving end finds its "too much love" to take?

may you always find yourself surrounded by love in this "kitheer" quantity!

sara said...

Yeah, I've wondered that too..


mayG - /meɪ̯ - ʤi/ said...

..not only have i wondered, i've been there too! .. no fun i tell ya :|

sara said...

:( this is sad :(