Sunday, May 04, 2008

Fiteera Mishalteta ;)

So, why do I think that reversing a car so fast is cute & parking it swiftly is a pretty thing to do? Can’t find the answer to that as yet!

In the hospital today I saw this li’l kid hitting his mom so bad, pulling her hair & laying on the floor not allowing her to come near him.. He was so mad at her for some reason & expressing his anger in this horrible way.. She started hitting him back & pulling him! You know honestly what I thought then? In fact, what I’ve been thinking for a while? There should be some ruling on NOT letting ANYONE have children! There has to be some kinda heartymeter measuring the credibility of one’s heart! But then again, I wouldn’t like for anyone to miss something like Hannah sleeping on their shoulder & clinging to them with her tiny hands & not letting go..

Just had a fiteera mishalteta (layered pie) & enjoyed it so much & thought, you know what? It’s like the people surrounding you, every layer is someone & each bite you take of everyone will leave something or the other in you.. And it’s all up to you to choose what you’re taking with that bite: powdered sugar, brown sugar, cheese, honey.. Aaaaaaaaaaaall up to you.. You choose what to have with each exquisite bite..

3 cups of flour
½ ts salt
1 ts of sugar
½ a glass of water & mix.. Keep on mixing it & add water if need be until its mild.. Leave it for like 15 minutes in the fridge & then divide this mixture evenly into 18 balls.. Sprinkle flour on the table & start rolling out each ball in a round shape that fits the pie pan you’re putting it in.. & after rolling out the first layer, put it in the pie pan & brush some butter on it & do the same with each layer.. Then finally, hold all the edges & fold them towards the center; making one big ball & then press on it (from the middle) so that again, the whole thing takes the shape of the container.. Then bake it (for about 40 minutes) until the crust is golden.. And then ENJOY.. And remember that people are like the fiteera mishalteta, so it’s up to you to choose what to have with it ;)


Summer said...

Thanks for the recipe! and the analysis you mentioned..interesting!

sara said...

thanks :$

Jasim said...

Damn that looks good. :D

Uhm can I make it with chocolate?! :$

Anonymous said...

Nice analogy!
One of the sa7aba once went to el rasoul (SAAW)and asked him how could I raise my child correctly from an early stage? Prophet Mo7amad asked how old is your son? The father said 6 months. Then prophet Mo7amad said.. its too late! That being said, I think that lady didnt give her child the teaching in time and now shes beating him up in hope of "control"... The scary thing is a child could even get adjusted to a beating. Raising a child is a scary thought.
* I'm gonna try making your fateera! :D lol

sara said...




Thanks for the story.. Indeed raising a child is a scary thought.. It's one of the toughest things a human can do! :(

Try making it & tell me what happens :) AND NOOOOOO CHOCOLATE!

Anonymous said...

MashAllah cooking classes too? Good :-D

sara said...

Unfortunately, it's not like you think :( I know very VERY few recipes! I'd love to learn more though.. I think I can cook.. don't know..

Anonymous said...

Well at least you know few recipes, there are girls of new generation who have never even entered a kitchen :-)

sara said...

VERY VERY FEW.. But inshaAllah planning to work on that soon, inshaAllah :)

Sadly, there are guys too whom have never even entered a kitchen as well :( They think it's "MANLY"!

My dad makes the best fool ever :D

sara said...

I should have put fool in between inverted commas..'fool'.. it looks bad & gives a bad meaning that way :$

Maqsood Qureshi said...

(Has just blessed you.)
...How gracious you are!

sara said...

(is freaking out from you!)
You never know!

MASS said...

coz its like butting into someone ?

what if you role the fiteera how does that change your analogy ?

and how come you give Jassim a fatwa with no 3elm, they make fiteer with chocolate in egypt !

MASS said...

maybe its called Neo-Fiteer

Maqsood Qureshi said...

:( Sulk!

sara said...


Stop being funny, I'm tryin to be serious here :D
No, not 'cuz I'm buttering them.. LOL.. Just as crispy & softy as each layer is, you add to it & take in..

Roll? hmmmm.. well, no, 'cuz still, the layers will be there ;)

You know somethin, I dont know anything about this fiteera; as NONE of my family members know how to make it.. We've been introduced to it lately.. And I've always known that you make it alone with no flavors (unlike apple pie or any other stuffed pie).. And you choose what to have with it :)

FATWA :D :D :D :D :D

neo-fiteer? umm.. let's see..

Hassy said...

Nice post!

Does layer in arabic mean mishalteta? or is that a misree word?

sara said...



:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


Well, I don't know what it means.. LOL

But I translated it's content & shape ;)

I'll ask for you ;)




D said...

You know, my brother is a special needs child, and when he was younger and used to get upset, he would scream, kick and pull my mother's hair. Does that mean we should not have had him? Sometimes we have had to, as a last resort, use force to calm him down. Does that mean we're a bad family? Don't make assumptions about children and their families until you know their situation.

sara said...

Take it easy D.. I didn't say your family is bad.. BREEEEEEEEEEEATHE :)

First of all, hello, how are you? everything okay? Have you seen the weather today, it's crazy, huh? In Abu Dhabi it's kinda windy & weird!

Back to your assumption of my assumption.. I knew the lady & her child (not personally).. That child was not a special needs li'l boy (I dealt with them li'l angels in a center here & know them).. I sat in front of the lady & saw them & she said "he's drivin me crazy" & started yelling at him.. I'm POSITIVE that he was just like you & myself.. Sanely healthy..

So please don't be offended without a reason to be so..

Have a lovely day!


sara said...


After a lotta efforts done in finding out what meshalteta means, I reached this best conclusion, but I'm not sure of it though..

Well, 'Shalta' in the egyptian dialect means cushion.. So 'meshalteta' is probably coming from 'shalta' as it's root word.. It's flatly puffy that way!



Anonymous said...

Recipes x_x

sara said...

I suck in knowing these smileys :$

so i'll take it as a :)

D said...

Ah well ...
Hmmm ...
Sorry if I sounded rude or whatever, but this is a really touchy topic ... I've faced LOADS of people treating us like a bad family when my bro acts up in public, so I usually return the bad vibes to those ppl ...
Anyhhoooo ... if the kid was normal ... well then, it's just bad behaviour... on part of both of them!
PS - Weather in Dubai was weirder...

sara said...

awwwwww Deeeeeeeeeee :)

So sorry to know that.. People can be soooooo inhumane :(


I'm sorry for all the hardships you had to go through.. All of you..

But inshaAllah, bithnillah, jannah will be your abode :)

p.s. i looooooooved it yesterday.. I was driving back home (after pickin my sis from uni) & it started rainin a bit (teeeny weeeny bit) so me and sis put our hands out from both sides (her from the passengers side & i from the driver's one) and we flew in the semi rain.. :D

WE DO SO IN WINTER :D try it ;)

hani said...

well, i am really hungry after reading this post, and nefsy fe "fiteera mishalteta" .. and i am really thinking of taking a holiday and go to egypt to eat an original "fiteera mishalteta" :-)
btw, i just noticed ur signature on this photo, and i was: OH MY GOD, so went through lots of ur posts searching for more photos with ur signature, and with every picture i saw i couldn't stop saying: OH MY GOD ..
sara, have some really nice shots, and the photo of the "fiteera mishalteta" is WOW.

sara said...

i wish u can go to cairo and do all u please.. but work is work :(

and IM SOOOOOOO FLATTERED! U LIKE my photos? my photos :$ Thanks bigad.. soon, when i have time inshaALlah, ill do more :)

gjoe said...

Yum Yum!!!

Ana ba7eb el feteer :)

sara said...

we ana kamaaaaaaaan :D