Thursday, May 10, 2007

^ Blissful Birds ^

Blissful birds.. They don’t have to test & scan in order to find their right spouse ;) No seriously.. And the best part is, they spend most of their life flying.. Can somebody do that with me? I wonder.. However, for us humans it’s way much more complicated.. For example: Jannah here & Raven here & there.. And me.. Well, there is this bird flying nearby.. So let’s see what the wind will bring along.. BREAKING NEWS -- BRO IS IN TOWN.. After an extremely complex, tough & a dangerous trip.. Welcome back home bro :) Thank you for getting us back to six ;)

A fact for fact: We all do mistakes.. We’re human..


Maqsood Qureshi said...

LOL Nope! Females (birds) are COMPLEX -- as well!

Read on:

"In many species females arrive on breeding grounds after males each spring, and to some extent have the privilege of choice among prospective mates. The female may base its choice on the song or appearance of the male, on the size or quality of the territory the male defends, or on aspects of compatibility not apparent to us. Whatever the method the female uses, the goal is the same: to find a mate likely to provide the offspring with the best chance of survival and continued reproduction."

sara said...

And this maqsood was one of the most beautiful facts I ever got to know..

Now I think it ain't that simple for them too :(

Just wanna fly away.. It never turns out to be worth it..

If I could fly away..

Tu s. Tin said...

love the picture!!!
welcome home to saras brother from me as well!

sara said...

I love it too.. Nitsa (photographer) is so artistic.. Love her works..

And bro.. 8 months.. huhhhhhh..

Thanks seniorita.. Missed you..


Maqsood Qureshi said...

You’re NOT pretentious! That's a rare attribute!

Anyway, here's something for you:

"Admit it. You've watched in wonder as an eagle soared overhead, effortlessly riding
the sky. If only you could experience that feeling.

You can -- by learning to fly. It's easier than you think, too. Suddenly, you'll be able to see the world from a whole new perspective -- one of endless fun and infinite adventures.

All because you gave your spirit wings.

Take off on one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime – learn to fly.

You'll extend your horizons, find new challenges, and add a whole lot of fun to your life, all the while traveling farther, higher, and faster than you ever have before.

sara said...

Well, that's learning how to fly with a machine.. :)

Can you teach me how to fly away?

Guess we're not meant to fly.. Not in this lifetime..

And if you can teach me how to fly, they'll all fly along and it would get really narrow even up there..

BTW, the bird did fly near by, but I don't think for long.. It's so bad when people get materialistic..

How do they do it aaaaaaaall the time?

I pity them.. Really do..

They are living but not really living..

It's amazing how I was called the "humming bird"..

Oh Allah help them see.. For if they die while being busy living the way they are, they'll miss it all..

Poor them!

Anonymous said...

Dumbstruck! Bewildered!

Sarooooooooooo you're warped! LOL

Teasing you half to death! Isn't this fun!

Levitation is possible. It's documented.

Read about Bilocation! Flying Sufis! Stigmata! Etcetera. Bizarre stuff! Anyway, this isn’t for you. You're a pious girl.

But you'd go to the following URLs and read some interesting skeptic things: