Friday, October 10, 2008

* a d d l e d *

Oh, how she loves those pair of shoes.. Wearing them always caused that irresistible smile of hers to flourish.. A smile that made others so delighted by her presence.. They called her a “princess”, & she secretly always felt like one.. But her love for others was a different kind of love.. Different than all the other princesses’ love.. It was a condensed kind of love..
One that would be called today a “too much” love! She loves the sun, the flowers & their buds, the stars, water & all that is made of it.. And as we all know, every princess sings & waits patiently for her dashing prince to come & take care of her by keeping her eyes as happy as they’ve always been.. And that of course was more complicated for her than it was for any other princess.. Her dreams of him were different.. The way she pictured him was different..

Days passed by, & with every cloud she saw & every dream she dreamt, the love in her heart grew bigger & stronger for all that’s surrounding her.. Starting from her Most Merciful Sustainer, all the way to the silent breathless things lying around; things just as precious as her old cherished pair of shoes.. And with the fact of her heart loving everything, the thought of his love scared her; ‘cuz it’ll be a brand new kind of condensed love.. A “double condensed” love that melts two in one.. A love that her ancestors once had.. A love she’s heard & read about that doesn’t have a home now, just as strange as Aladdin’s magic carpet.. Will she experience it, or will finding Aladdin’s carpet be an easier task, that she always wondered..

Right now, she’s in crossroads, yet again.. She needs a helping hand.. A guide.. A lighthouse.. A star.. A plan.. A plan a, b & whatever more she can get.. Her little plan now is to hold on to her old pair of shoes, & wait.. Why wait? ‘cuz she’s too sick to do anything else now..


Mariyah said...

Beautifully written! What a study of emotions - they can be blissful and frightening all at once. Enchanting!!

sara said...

Awwww Mariyah, I'm glad you felt it :)

Anonymous said...

I first pictured the 'princess' as a 6-7 year old child. Then the 'princess' began to think about princes, and I wondered why such thoughts entered someone so young.

lol. But it was indeed beautifully written nonetheless. :)

sara said...

Well, I guess you "miss-pictured" it then, or it was my bad.. But I'm glad you liked it :)

That Girl said...

you write very beautifully =]

Anonymous said...

Well written. Should we be waiting for the book soon?

sara said...

Thank you =]

You always say that :$
You know, I've already knocked one of writing's doors, but it didn't open for me..
But bigad thanks :)

mama said...

I am waiting for your book too, thank you mohamed hassan for pushing her to have a book.

sara said...

mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :')