Sunday, October 26, 2008

Buckled up!

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Last night while driving, & in the midst of all the ongoing mess, I felt the seat belt holding me real tight! I don’t know if it was fastened especially tight that night or it was me needing that stiff feeling that held my chest firmly.. I never really felt that belt as much as I felt it yesterday.. And you know what? It felt good! It felt safe.. It felt warm.. It felt cozy.. It was firmly fit, just holding all my fears down as I’ve always wanted them to..

I love sticking to one corner in this world.. In this life.. In this crazy roller coaster ride.. I love my window.. I love seeing the sea through it.. I don’t necessarily have to touch it (the sea) with my feet to get connected to it.. It’s already a part of me.. I was given today this sea shell that was once a moving independent being.. It belongs to Him, & I-small li’l me-belong to Him exactly as this small li’l shell does.. He Has it all.. He Knows it all.. He Watches it with all His Mercy, His unlimited Mercy..

How can we not comprehend all of this! This right here, lying inside of these weak ribs! It’s all so clear to us, but we wear those stupid blindfolds & make fools of ourselves.. Poor us, missing on a lot; just by fighting.. Fighting against our very own selves! Poor us!

Buckle up dear ones; for we can’t really take hold all the time!



shine on brohy :) *


Karamilah said...

i totally agree with you.
the first rule for people to come with me in my car is to buckle up, it is very safe, at least no matter what happens i wont feel very guilty

sara said...

You are so cute :)
Of course they should..
However, this is not exactly what I intended to point out here :$
Thanks a lot for passing by :)

LuLu...! said...

LOVE the color of the pic!


*sis just wanned to tell u that u r my corner :D*


Anonymous said...

Salaam Sara,

it is so true...sometime we need to slow down and have some time on our own.
I hope you are doing well.

I send you many greetings...and of course a kiss... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes...we need to be saber ;)...thanks for a lesson of Arabic!

Anonymous said...

ou surely can write from the heart.Wow,i read most of your blog and really you are such a wonderful person even i didnt meet you.:)

sara said...

Sis <3
enty my coziest corner (f)
mwah :)

Salaam Natasha :)
We always need to slow down.. And feel our 'walks'.. Being saber says it all..
I'm so glad I met YOU in one of these walks <3

Thank you very much!
I haven't met you as well, but I do owe your words a lot.. I'm glad you felt 'em :)
They'll keep me going :)