Friday, October 17, 2008

The reels of life..

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I remember when I was in school, our teachers used to tell us whenever we got messy in class that we turn it to a fish market! Every time they’d say that, I wonder, why fish market? A fish market is one very organized place to go to, at least to me!

Every Thursday was a sea food day.. I’d go with daddy to the fish market & get the freshest shrimps, fish & crabs.. And his curiosity sometimes brought along new kinds of sea animals :) We’d come home & then comes the cleaning of the shrimps & the smell, hmmmmmmmm, yu mmy ! It amazes me when people say that the fish market stinks! I LOVE the smell of fish! Yesterday, I went with daddy to the same old fish market (the one we haven’t been to a lot recently like we have in the past; due to dad’s frequent travels), & my oh my! The feelings that rushed through!

F e e l i n g s !

Cotton reels.. They mean so much to me.. Just by seeing them I see
teta’s hands.. I see her beautiful grey hair.. I see so many colors.. I see my past, my present & my future..

Future.. Future has never been a scary thought to me.. It’s not that I haven’t seen dark days & had to step into pitch black rooms, on the contrary.. But I see others so scared.. So scared to an unbelievable extent.. I have friends who are so worried & their husbands are just as weak as a broken kite lost in a windy night.. Can’t you see the birds? Who fills them up? Who grants them mates? How do they feed their li’l ones? Just look at the
birds coming to our balcony..

I heard this hilarious egyptian song today, it was funny! But funnily sad.. It says, “Mama I wanna get married, but I got no money, I work hard & save up, but I don’t even own a needle….”!!!! I wish the very same singer could sing about birds.. And if he may, about
this beautiful bird of paradise..


UTP said...

heheh that egyptian song is the story of most lives...i dont even have a needle!!! heheh...

on a serious should not drive the timing of marriage...

sara said...

SO TRUE! Never should it drive the T I M I N G of marriage!

I hope you & your folks are doing fine :) Please say hello to your better half & kiss your girlie for me :)

God bless :)

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum Sara :),

how are you doing?

Thank you so much for posting such a beautiful post and video regarding birds.I really enjoyed watching it!
You know,I love birds as well.There is one species of them that I am really attached to.It is a black and white bird that is very common to see in my village.Whenever I see one of them I know things will be fine.I hope to find a picture to post in my BLOG.I am so glad that you also like birds.
I hope to hear soon from you.Have a nice time and may Allah always bless you.

XXX and a strong hug :)!

sara said...

alaiky assalam sweet Natasha :)

I'm soooooooo stressed out & need your prayers dearie :) Hope you're doing okay :)

I'm sooooooooooo glad you enjoyed the video as much as I did :D

May Allah grant you all the tranquility you need in this life to fly over to the next :)

A stronger hug back <3