Tuesday, April 08, 2008

~ fly the word ~

I wish I could get my parents to write my name for me, so beautifully like they used to, again.. Wish they’d alone be responsible for my doings, again.. Wish I’d be able to care less
(but this time, not ‘again’); as I can’t seem to remember any point in my life in which I just simply ‘didn’t worry’.. And unlike all worries, I never seemed to worry about me as much as I worried about them, my dearly loved ones! Worry, panic & freak out, not necessarily externally, but rather, internally.. I’d bleed for you & just not show it that much.. I wonder when will I ever learn to ‘take it easy’, take a step backward & just let things be!

Umm, it’s been a while now that confusion has been knocking on all my doors.. I don’t mind it now as much though; ‘cuz I know that whatever it is that takes place, I’ll somehow learn how to be fine with it.. Didn’t Allah grant us the capability of doing so in the first place?

A couple of days ago, I saw this li’l bird flying around in the food court & it landed right in front of where I was eating.. It was unbelievable! A bird in the food court?! Just amazing :D
Mama has put these two plates in the balcony for birds to come eat & drink from.. One carries rice & the other water.. When I went to refill the water, I wondered how did all the birds know that in the Hamdy’s balcony there is food? I mean, at the beginning it was only two birds coming & having their share, but now almost all the birds surrounding our area have heard the news :) I guess it’s like how we see it in the cartoons; they tell each other & ‘fly the word around’ :)


MASS said...

I could like, die worrying about my loved ones. I mean like when its seroius. alhamdullelah i dont worry about myself as much..

i ll try the rice and water thing inshaAllah

Veiled Muslimah said...

assalam alaykum,

i absolutely love your avatar. :p

Oh and my mom does the same thing... keeps out the food and water for the birds. But these days they're more careful because of the cats that live in our garden.

Jasim said...

I have to learn how to let go, otherwise I'll ruin my life and that of the people around me.

I did the same thing once with birds, until they started coming with big numbers which resulted in me waking up very early, and that was it for feeding them. :D

sara said...

Isn't that a killer? Doesn't it make you feel like your heart is shriking/exploding (can't tell really)?
(na na na na na, we're taking the thawab)
(oh uh, now we might not; 'cuz i'm braggin about it :( )

Walaiky assalam wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuHu,
well, I love it too ;)
awwwwwww, can you please say hello to your cats for me? :)

So far, I've been ruining my own life only..
& what's wrong with waking up very early? That way you won't miss fajr :) right?
the only issue in my opinion, is cleaning after them.. But it's no big deal :)

Veiled Muslimah said...

definitely will inshalla. We have two outside cats, which aren't exactly ours but stay there because of food. and we have one fat furry cat that stays inside.

hehe, its hillarious. hes so stupid, sometimes he sits inside and watches the birds from our glass window, and trys to jump at them... inevitably crashing against the glass. ;)

sara said...

awwwwwwww, he reminded me of kooky :( She was sooooooooo furry (persian) & we we're denying our allergy from her for two years.. But mama had to let go of her :'(

Kooky used to climb curtains all the way to the top, can your mr. do that? :P

*mwah to ur chubby cat*

Hassy said...

lol @ denying allergy.

sara said...

aww hassy.. LOL

that was the politest way of mentioning my craziness ;)

Hicham said...

When we are young, parents are supposed to take care of us and shortly after we find ourselves in the same situation!

If only we are cats yet C'est la vie! < --- (That's Life in French)

sara said...

I have to make hard hard choices that make me feel: "i wish i wasn't born!"..

Yaretny hatta rock.. Anything but human..

La vie is soooo NOT en rose :@